Left-Handed Styling and Dressing

10 training videos

How To Do A Feminine Flat Top Hairstyle

22 minutes

Ilham Mestour's tutorial is a feminine flat top dressing utilizing two textures for a modern take on a classic shape.

How To Do A Spherical Shape Hairstyle

23 minutes

Ilham Mestour’s tutorial is a classic form reinvented for a modern palette. It is a simple technique but relies on high levels of methodology, cleanliness and refinement.

Horizontal Roll Updo Hair Tutorial

23 minutes

Sharon Blain's tutorial is a horizontal roll reflective of a 1940's Victory style encompassing beautiful placement under the parietal ridge and occipital bone to compliment the bone structure.

Figure Of 8 Braid Updo With Cord Stitching Tutorial

20 minutes

Sharon Blain's tutorial is a figure of 8 braid with a pull thread technique; a quick salon technique with a youthful style for formals, bridals and proms.

Braid Variations Chignon

25 minutes

Sharon Blain's tutorial demonstrates a variety of foundation braids that have been combined to create a complete look.