Left-Handed Hair Cutting

10 training videos

Asymmetrical Short Graduation Haircut Tutorial

27 minutes

Steve Turner’s haircut tutorial provides a solid foundation that is neat, versatile and quick.

Uniform Layer Haircut Tutorial Video

25 minutes

Steve Turner’s haircutting tutorial demonstrates arguably the most essential technique in the book - the uniform layer haircut.

How To Do A Round Textured Layered Haircut

21 minutes

Michael Cohen’s haircutting tutorial features a round textured layer and offers pointers on round layering, balance of internal shape, softening and finishing techniques and suitability.

Graduated Bias Haircut Tutorial Video

31 minutes

Graham Oglesby's tutorial is a simple graduated shape with a bias disconnection.

Peggy Moffitt Inspired Internal Asymmetric Shape Video Tutorial

34 minutes

Graham Oglesby’s tutorial features pointers on over-direction, disconnection, internal asymmetry and external balance.