12 training videos
Skin & Hair Testing

16 minutes

Tracey Sajno's lecture covers the essential testing processes on skin and hair. Testing is an essential and important part of any hairdressing business.

Colour Theory Part 3 - Product Use

11 minutes

Tracy Hayes outlines the various types of products available to the colourist, and which ones to use and when

Hair Science 2 - Problems & Abnormalities

12 minutes

Tracy Hayes' Hair Science Lecture concentrates on hair problems and abnormalities from scalp conditions to fungal and bacterial infections.

Cutting Theory Part 2

7 minutes

Stacey Broughton's second lecture on hair cutting theory covers the influencing factors that affect the haircut you provide for your client

Hair Classifications and Characteristics

9 minutes

This lecture is an introduction to hair classifications and characteristics and forms part of the essential knowledge for all hair services.