Free Hairdressing How To Videos

Watch free hairdressing training videos

These free online hairdressing training videos are the perfect introduction to basic concepts and principles of hairdressing, including how to shampoo hair, how to hold scissors and how to cut different types of fringes, or bangs as they say in the US.

There's even a complete free hairdressing tutorial using a training head, to give you a taster of the amazing hairdressing education you can expect from MHD. This video demonstrates how to cut a graduated layered haircut using a razor and is one of our most popular hairdressing training videos, especially among those starting a hairdressing career.

Browse our free how to video section and judge for yourself how MHD can help you to learn new hairdressing and barbering skills and techniques, and to develop your career with our simple to follow but in-depth education.

10 training videos

Square Fringe Haircut

How To Cut A Square Fringe

3 minutes

Stacey Broughton’s haircutting tutorial showcase a variety of techniques of how to cut a square fringe.

Razor Haircut

Razor Haircut Free Tutorial

20 minutes

This free tutorial teaches the basic techniques needed to freehand with a razor or scissors.

Hair Ornamentation

How To Do Hair Ornamentation

13 minutes

This lecture explores the presentation of ideas and concepts to the implementation of dressing techniques and ornamentation.

Backwash Grey Toner

How To Apply A Backwash Grey Toner To Men's Hair

17 minutes

Christiano Lanza’s tutorial demonstrates a men’s grey tone at the backwash using a quick application technique and a clear explanation of colour choice and suitability.

Balayage With A Spatula Video Tutorial

Balayage With A Spatula Video Tutorial

14 minutes

Charmaine Piche’s free hairdressing video demonstrates a balayage technique with a spatula application on a training head.