Highlight & In-fill Colour Tutorials

9 training videos

Spinning Wheel Colour

27 minutes

Louise Reeves' salon tutorial is a circular technique producing a rich base of plum violet with a circular band of reflective, cool aqueous tones providing dappled overtones and defining movement.

Creative Weave Hair Colour And Base Application Tutorial

29 minutes

Christiano Lanza's colouring tutorial is a salon friendly base colour and foil application of luxurious browns.

Circular Sections With Graduated Colour Tutorial

25 minutes

Tracey Sarno’s hair colouring tutorial works with the movement and over-directed graduation of Graham Oglesby’s haircut with simple circular sections.

The Orange Technique Hair Colour Application

12 minutes

Bee Dixon’s creative colouring tutorial combines a hue of smokey purple for high shine with a rich mocha brown.