Training Head Colouring Tutorial Videos

Learn foundation hair colouring techniques

Designed for hairdressing trainees and assistants, the MHD training head colouring videos introduce the fundamental techniques of colouring hair before moving on to a live model. The videos in this series are brought by two of the best colourists in the industry, the legendary Tracy Hayes and Charmaine Piche. The hairdressing video tutorials cover basic foil patterns and placements, and techniques such as weaving and highlight placement. As an added bonus the Balayage with a Spatula tutorial by Charmaine Piche is free to watch for non-members and is one of our most popular videos, introducing this popular technique that has become a salon favourite in the last few years.

8 training videos

Colour Correction 3 - Lightening Dark Hair Colour

18 minutes

Tracy Hayes’ colouring tutorial tackles a common colour correction problem - heavily tinted black on hair with a very small re-growth.

Colour Correction 4 - Grown Out Bleach

14 minutes

Tracy Hayes' training head colour correction tutorial tackles a common problem - bleach growing out and a very large area of re-growth

Scrunching and shoe shine temporary colour step-by-step

5 minutes

Familiarize yourself with how to apply temporary colour using a shoe shine or scrunch technique in this foundation MHD colouring video step-by-step.