Hairdressing & Barbering Classes

Learn the theory, science and business of the hair industry

MHD's barbering and hairdressing video lectures present the science and concepts behind hairdressing and are a must-see for all hair professionals.

These lectures are presented by leading experts in their field and are perfect introductions to the many challenges hairdressers face in the salon on a day to day basis. From hair colouring theory to hair classification and hair science, these in-depth tutorials form the basis of your hairdressing expertise and are highly recommended for in-salon training for your team, both for junior staff and as a refresher for more experienced team members.

Understanding the science behind hair, including medical issues and structure is an essential part of hairdressing and acts as a foundation for many techniques that you will use on your clients. If you can speak with your clients with authority, they will respect you as a hair professional and this can only enhance your business.

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