Hair and Skin Testing Tutorials

7 training videos

Curl development test step-by-step

4 minutes

Explore how to test the development of a perm in this foundation curl development test MHD step-by-step.

How to do a colour test

3 minutes

Explore how to perform a colour test in this essential MHD testing tutorial with Tracey Sajno. A colour test is performed during colour development to check the target colour and development time.

How to do an incompatibility test

3 minutes

Learn how to perform an incompatibility test in the essential MHD testing video with Tracey Sajno. An incompatibility test checks for the presence of metallic salts, before a chemical service.

How to do a porosity and elasticity test

2 minutes

Learn the essential porosity and elasticity test process with Tracey Sajno. Porosity and elasticity tests determine the condition of the cuticle and cortex.

How to do skin testing

4 minutes

Tracey Sajno’s lecture covers the essential skin test process. Testing is a necessary and vital part of any hairdressing business.