Moody Blue & Violet Tutorials

10 training videos

The Shine Line

28 minutes

Tracy Hayes' colouring tutorial creates a shine line or halo of colour across the fringe area, working in with the layers of the haircut.

Colour Placement Technique

33 minutes

Tracy Hayes’ advanced colouring tutorial uses cleverly executed placement of colour to exaggerate and emphasise different elements of the haircut.

Soft Velvet Hair Colouring Video

22 minutes

Charmaine Piche's tutorial uses three alternating close complimentary colours for a luxurious velvet-like finish.

The Valentina Hidden Colour Tutorial

12 minutes

Tracy Hayes' colour tutorial is inspired by Yves Saint Laurent's hidden touches of colour, set against a backdrop of deep forest brown and caramel

Colour Hair In Triangular Sections With Aquamarines Tutorial

28 minutes

Tracy Hayes’ hair colouring tutorial shows the placement of a triangular sectioned pallet of shimmering aquamarines.