Brunette Block Hair Colour Tutorials

11 training videos

Basic L-Shaped Hair Colour Placement Tutorial Video

29 minutes

Bee Dixon’s hair colouring tutorial is a simple colour placement of complimenting tones.

Shadow and Light Hair Colour Tutorial

27 minutes

Louise Reeves' colouring tutorial is a technique based on the concept of shadow and light, which is the effect of dark and light colours on framing suitability

How To Do A Shining Three Tone Hair Colour

6 minutes

Bee Dixon’s creative colour tutorial demonstrates a subtle blend of diffused earth tones.

The Channel Autumnal Colouring Tutorial

29 minutes

Stephanie Lee’s hair colouring tutorial showcases a simple and effective colour placement of autumn colours on brunette hair

Triangle Colour Section

16 minutes

Bee Dixon’s colouring tutorial is designed to teach understanding of complementary hues and reflect skin tones.