Curly Bridal & Prom Hairstyles

10 training videos

French Roll Hair Styling Tutorial

26 minutes

Sharon Blain’s tutorial demonstrates a basic French roll technique with a defined, suave silhouette

Horizontal Roll Updo Hair Tutorial

23 minutes

Sharon Blain's tutorial is a horizontal roll reflective of a 1940's Victory style encompassing beautiful placement under the parietal ridge and occipital bone to compliment the bone structure.

Rope Twist Updo Tutorial

19 minutes

Patrick Cameron’s long hair styling tutorial is his take on vintage 1940’s Hollywood

The Roll Updo Video Tutorial

18 minutes

Patrick Cameron’s long hair dressing and styling tutorial guides you through a basic heated roller set for a highly commercial, elegant, dressed shape.

Figure Of Eight Tong & French Pleat Video Tutorial

34 minutes

James Rowe’s double dressing hair tutorial creates two stunning catwalk looks, with techniques that can be adapted for a variety of uses and events. James begins with a beautiful, timeless curl using figure-of-eight tonging techniques. This is followed by a stunning shape incorporating a double french pleat.