Blow Dry Tutorial Videos

Learn the basics of blow drying hair

Learn how to blow dry hair with some of the best hairdressers in the world. A haircut isn't complete until it has been finished with a high-quality blow dry, that will leave your clients leaving the salon feeling fabulous. Stacey Broughton introduces the foundations of blow drying with his blow drying tutorials on a training head suitable for layered and graduated haircuts and a wrap, blow dry. Graham Oglesby shows how to dry mid-length hair. Hair up and editorial hairdressing experts Snowden Hill and Callam Warrington continue the education on live models, demonstrating how a blow dry can enhance the cut and shape of the hair. These blow dry tutorials feature a range of techniques for different hair types including curly and straight, with demonstrations of how to enhance the hair texture or to alter it and straighten or add curl.

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