Avant-Garde Styling & Dressing

10 training videos

First Form by X-presion

22 minutes

X-presion's tutorial is an innovative, pioneering form using an X-presion structure, developed by the company.

Second Form Hairstyle by X-presion

22 minutes

X-presion demonstrate the placement and dressing of a sculptural form using the company's own bespoke padded cylinders and anti-skid threads.

How To Do A Rick Rack Technique On A Wig

32 minutes

John Vial's avant-garde hairdressing tutorial demonstrates an avant-garde fashion hairstyle using a rick rack technique on a wig.

How To Do A Half Head Rick Rack Hairstyle

23 minutes

John Vial’s avant-garde dressing tutorial is a multi-textured shape using a half head rick rack technique featuring an expanse of hair through the sides against carefully balanced extended tendrils for a full-on, dramatic, editorial bonanza.

Couture Spherical Shape Wig Application

21 minutes

Callam Warrington’s avant-garde dressing tutorial demonstrates preparation of the hair hair prior to wig application, the application of the wig and cutting with scissors and clippers.