Advanced Graduated Bob Hairstyles

12 training videos

The Tricolloria - Contrasting Colour Tutorial

11 minutes

Tracy Hayes’ advanced hair colour technique features a spectrum of blended contrasting tones of blonde, copper and red, with a final punch of petrol blue on the fringe.

Low Graduation with Undercut and Disconnection

34 minutes

Tracey Hughes demonstrates a low graduated round interior with effortless soft blends of disconnection.

Pastel Silver Hair Colour with Accent of Lemon and Grey Tones

19 minutes

Victor Piccolotto’s colouring tutorial is a two-tone base of cool mushroom and silver blonde with an accent of lemon and grey tones.

Low Graduated Bob With Disconnection Haircut Tutorial

31 minutes

Graham Oglesby’s haircut is a low graduated bob with disconnection and soft rounded fringe

Circular Sections With Graduated Colour Tutorial

25 minutes

Tracey Sarno’s hair colouring tutorial works with the movement and over-directed graduation of Graham Oglesby’s haircut with simple circular sections.