Advanced Hair Colouring Tutorial Videos

Take your hair colouring skills to another level with the MHD advanced colouring training videos. All of our colouring videos are independent of colour houses, giving you the freedom to adapt the formulations to your chosen brand. Our advanced hair colouring tutorials feature more sophisticated colour formulations and placement, with complicated sectioning and foiling patterns combined with a variety of weaving and slicing techniques. Perfect for senior colourists looking for inspiration or to take their colouring skills to the next level, the MHD advanced colouring videos feature tutorials from some of the most notable and respected colour experts working today. Our training videos and PDFs include lessons from the likes of Tracy Hayes, Christiano Lanza, Andreas Kurkowitz and Charmaine Piche, plus many more. Use the advanced colouring tutorials from MHD for tuition and inspiration for show and photographic work, to expand your portfolio or to satisfy your more demanding clients.

20 training videos

The Graduate Hair Colour

The Graduate - Multi-tonal Colour

14 minutes

Tracy Hayes’ advanced colouring tutorial incorporates a panelled block tint with a pre-lightened V-section of vivid magenta colour with a vibrant copper base colour to enhance and excite curls.

How To Do A Cyclamen Pure Tone Hair Colour Video Tutorial

20 minutes

Tracy Hayes’ colouring tutorial complements Tim Hartley’s haircut with a vibrant outburst of reds and pinks, framing the outline with a stunning border of colour.

Dark On Dark Two Tone Hair Colour Tutorial

18 minutes

Charmaine Piche's colouring tutorial is a dark on dark two-tone colour to compliment and enhance the balance and shape of the 5-point haircut.

The Tricolloria - Blended Hair Colouring

The Tricolloria - Contrasting Colour Tutorial

11 minutes

Tracy Hayes’ advanced hair colour technique features a spectrum of blended contrasting tones of blonde, copper and red, with a final punch of petrol blue on the fringe.

Learn to blend red, blonde and orange tones in this hair colouring tutorial by Tracy Hayes in this hairdressing video tutorial on MHD. Join MHD today

Reflecting Colour

32 minutes

Tracy Hayes’ advanced colour tutorial is inspired by artist James Turrell.