Intermediate Updo Video Tutorials

10 training videos

Classic Bridal Curls Updo Video Tutorial

24 minutes

Callam Warrington's tutorial is a classic bridal look featuring a balance of elegant, soft curls and waves.

Rope Twist Updo Tutorial

19 minutes

Patrick Cameron’s long hair styling tutorial is his take on vintage 1940’s Hollywood

Horizontal Roll Updo Hair Tutorial

23 minutes

Sharon Blain's tutorial is a horizontal roll reflective of a 1940's Victory style encompassing beautiful placement under the parietal ridge and occipital bone to compliment the bone structure.

The Bow and Twist Updo Tutorial

23 minutes

James Rowe’s dressing and styling tutorial combines two looks that James has used in fashion industry shows

How To Do A Classic Chignon Tutorial

16 minutes

Callam Warrington’s hairdressing tutorial teaches you how to use root direction and hand dexterity to complete a classic chignon