Hair Extension Tutorials

11 training videos

How To Take Care Of Hair Extensions Video Tutorial

9 minutes

Inanch Emir outlines the six essential aftercare guidelines as part of a salon service for hair extensions in this exclusive hairdressing training video.

How To Add Glue-in Hair Extensions

11 minutes

Callam Warrington’s hair extensions tutorial showcases a simple technique to apply a classic weft use glue-in hair extensions

Vertical Braid Part 1

70 minutes

In part 1 of her hair extensions tutorial Michelle Thompson demonstrates a vertical base braid which supports a curved natural medium length weave on Afro Caribbean hair.

Vertical Braid & Short Weave Part 2

34 minutes

Michelle Thompson finishes her vertical braid and weave preparation on Afro Caribbean hair in part 2 of her hair extensions tutorial.

Vertical Weave Part 1

30 minutes

Michelle Thompson’s hair extensions tutorial is the first in a two part presentation on how to apply a Vertical Weave