Brunette Hair Colour Videos

10 training videos

How To Do A Basic Two-Tone Tint Hair Colour

15 minutes

Tracy Hayes' colouring tutorial maintains a natural look, but with lots of shine and added depth to the hair.

How To Do A Herringbone Block Colouring Variation

18 minutes

Claus Hagenhoff’s colouring tutorial demonstrates a Herringbone Block Colouring Variation. Within the video Claus provides valuable pointers on sectioning, close levels and contrasting tones. The final result is divergent shades of mahogany and violet browns for a two tone outcome with a subtle interplay to create space and texture in the haircut.

The Weller Violet Brown and Ash Black Tint

9 minutes

Tracy Hayes’ hair colouring technique embellishes Stacey Broughton’s haircut by creating a dark sultry base with a shadow of ash black through the top surface.

The Widget Reversible Wrap Hair Colour

19 minutes

Stephanie Lee’s colour tutorial is a reversible wrap mixing pitch black, midtone browns, and a translucent ruby tone.

Basic L-Shaped Hair Colour Placement Tutorial Video

29 minutes

Bee Dixon’s hair colouring tutorial is a simple colour placement of complimenting tones.