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Transform Your Men’s Hair Colouring Skills

MHD - August 15, 2018 Barbering and Men's Haircuts, Hair Colouring

Transform Your Men’s Hair Colouring Skills

It’s sad but true: men are often neglected when it comes to hair colour. So, this week we’re doing our bit to redress the balance by showcasing 5 intermediate-level colouring tutorials to help you transform your skills and offer your male clients the inspiration and service they deserve!

From the shine line to the half head of foils and flat matte blue green colour, our expert colourists – including Christiano Lanza, Charmaine Piche and Andreas Kurkowitz – offer pointers, insight and demonstrations to help you learn and embed new colouring techniques.

Master the men’s shine line in this hair colouring tutorial

Do A Men's Shine Line Tutorial By Charmaine Piche

Do A Men’s Shine Line Tutorial

First up, check out this Charmaine Piche tutorial, where she demonstrates the understated yet incredibly effective men’s shine line.

With tips on everything from colour placement, pre-lightening and tone to skin and incompatibility tests, Charmaine explains how to emphasise existing shine and show off the precision of the Gary Woo haircut. (Don’t forget to check that out too while you’re there.)

Apply a backwash grey toner to deliver metallic tones

Apply A Backwash Grey Toner To Men's Hair By Christiano Lanza

Apply A Backwash Grey Toner To Men’s Hair

Metallic grey tones are incredibly topical, making this Christiano Lanza tutorial – in which he shows you how to apply a backwash grey toner – an easy win if you’re looking for ways to enhance your men’s colouring repertoire and appeal to a wide variety of your male clientele.

Ideal for intermediate-level colourists, Christiano provides a clear explanation of colour choice and suitability, in addition to demonstrating the quick application technique.

Create sun-kissed vibes with the half head of foils application

Do A Half Head Of Foils Application By Bee Dixon

Do A Half Head Of Foils Application

Everyone loves natural, sun-kissed tones, especially during the warmer months of the year. Our third featured tutorial – with Bee Dixon as your instructor – shows you how to apply a half head of foils to the men on your books.

With Bee’s expert advice on everything from slice technique to restoring depth and tone, you’ll learn how to create a gorgeously understated natural colour that maintains masculinity.

Get that flat matte blue green men’s colour just right

Apply A Flat Matte Blue Green Colour On Men's Hair By Andreas Kurkowitz

Apply A Flat Matte Blue Green Colour On Men’s Hair

Andreas Kurkowitz takes charge for lesson 4 to show you how to apply flat matte blue green colour.

With insight and pointers on everything from colour placement sectioning to mid length to ends application and the porosity and skin text, Andreas shows you how to use this basic tint application to enhance the shape of the haircut.

The subtle muted tones you’ll create are guaranteed to impress your male clients.

Deliver warm and cool browns on blonde

Warm And Cool Brown Tones On Blonde Veil By Andreas Kurkowitz

Warm And Cool Brown Tones On Blonde Veil

In this week’s final featured men’s colouring tutorial, Andreas Kurkowitz is back to show you how to create a subtle veil of warm and cool brown tones against a medium pearl ash blonde, defining and highlighting the curves of a halo haircut.

In this lesson for intermediate-level colourists, Andreas provides tips on colour placement sectioning, foil highlighting and slice and weaving technique, ensuring that you’re able to deliver a complete male grooming service.

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