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Tint-tastic! Inspirational Tint Colour

Sharon Brigden - August 9, 2016 Celebrity Hairstyles, Hair Colouring, Hairdressing tutorials

Tint-tastic! Inspirational Tint Colour

Colour is where a salon will generate most income and so you really need to learn as much as you can about tint colour and other colour options.

Tint refers to permanent hair colours, meaning they won’t wash out. And despite the huge choice of semi-permanent colour, demi colour, wash in/wash out and now shampoos and conditioners with colour tones, a tint colour is the only type guaranteed to provide 100% grey coverage.

Blonde Bombshell

Margot Robbie’s gorgeous pale blonde hair will always be in demand, as it epitomizes summer glamour and carefree, party times. But if you prefer her two-tone look as Suicide Squad’s Harley Quinn, then make sure you check out our Summer Pastel Hair blog.

Margot Robbie, tint colour, blonde hair

Margot Robbie’s natural blonde tint

Bee Dixon’s beginner tutorial is the perfect introduction to creating the sun-kissed beach blonde.

How To Do A Basic Blonde Root Tint Application

How To Do A Basic Blonde Root Tint Application

Rich Chocolate Tint Colour

But it’s just a myth that blondes have more fun as demonstrated by this rich, deep chestnut, a great choice by hair chameleon, Emma Watson.  She is one of those lucky people who looks great with any hair colour, but it’s up to you to ensure that you advise your clients re: what will suit their skin tone.

Emma Watson, tint colour, hair

Emma Watson’s rich chocolate tint

Moving from light to dark, Bee Dixon takes you through everything you need to know about the application of dark tint colour.

How To Do A Basic Dark Root Tint Application

How To Do A Basic Dark Root Tint Application

Ravishing Raven

Rhianna takes it to the limit with this pure black, high shine hairstyle. This is a strong colour which needs strong features to do it justice. And, like a light blonde, requires high maintenance to keep the roots in check.

Rhianna, hair colour, tint colour

Rhianna’s deep and rich black tint colour

Christiano Lanzo takes you through a virgin tint application on type 4 African hair. This tutorial features pointers on a post pigment treatment, porosity, an even blend from the short to longer lengths and suitable colour palette.

Learn How To Tint Afro Caribbean Hair Tutorial

Learn How To Tint Afro Caribbean Hair Tutorial

Bronde Beauty

And once the basics have been mastered it’s time to push the boundaries. Brenda hair has taken 2016 by storm and is the ideal look for clients who are sure if they want to be blonde or brunette.

We love Jennifer Garner’s warm glossy locks, which show the darker side of bronde, with soft, golden and rich velvet tones.

Jennifer Garner, blonde hair tint colour, streaks, hair colouring

Jennifer Garner displays a mix of blonde and brunette – bronde tint colour

Charmaine Piche’s hairdressing video shows you how to create this more advanced look as she demonstrates a sectioning technique using foils to isolate sections and colours, colour placement and choice of colour palette –  an essential to learn for the salon.


Bronde Jigsaw Sliced Colour Application Tutorial Video

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