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Stay on trend with our balayage, ombre and dip dye tutorials

MHD - May 11, 2018 Hair Colouring

Stay on trend with our balayage, ombre and dip dye tutorials

Balayage, ombre and dip-dye are incredibly popular, especially during the warmer months. But with new variations emerging, it’s a constant battle to stay on top of the latest techniques and trends. So, if you’re looking for ways to impress your clients with your colouring knowledge and technique this summer, it’s the perfect time to take a few tutorials and update your skills.

As members will know, our world-leading site is packed with tutorials from colouring experts. Here, we’re delving into the detail of 5 intermediate-level tutorials, from expert colourists Madeleine Murphy, Bruno Ellorioroz and Andrea Bennett, to give you a taste of what’s on offer.

Sun, sand, sea and shoreline chic – It’s the dip-dye ombre technique

Find out how to create soft sun-kissed tones in Madeleine Murphy’s dip-dye ombre colouring technique

Brush up on your dip-dye ombre colouring technique with Madeleine Murphy

The summer months are all about shoreline chic. Brush up on your dip-dye ombre colouring technique with this tutorial from Madeleine Murphy.

Technical skills you’ll learn include the back-to-back foil technique, colour placement sectioning and partial head application. Diagonal sectioning in 4 quadrants and backcombing will also be crucial to your success, as Madeleine demonstrates.

The end result? Soft sun-kissed tones and happy, grateful clients.

M is for multidimensional melted balayage, B is for Bruno

Find out how to create a chic multidimensional melted balayage with Bruno Ellorioroz

An essential technique for 2018, the multidimensional melted balayage

Aveda colour director Bruno Ellorioroz demonstrates the multidimensional melted balayage technique – an essential for 2018 – in the second of our featured tutorials.

Advising on colour range, triangular placement and saturation, Bruno’s clear instruction will empower you to add this technique to your colouring repertoire. Understated and incredibly chic, the harmonious tones of the end result will entrance your clients.

Reflect on the ombre with Andrea Bennett

Find out how to create Andrea Bennett’s salon friendly and stylish Reflective Ombre colouring technique

Andrea Bennett’s salon friendly and stylish Reflective Ombre

Salon friendly and stylish, the dark-to-light tones of the reflective ombre will delight your clients. And with Andrea Bennett taking the helm to teach this intermediate level tutorial, you’ll fine-tune your technique and boost your confidence.

Complementing the organic form of the haircut – don’t forget to watch that tutorial too – you’ll learn colour placement sectioning to restore depth and tone. Remember to download your step-by-step guide – there’s one with every tutorial – to ensure your learning is really embedded.

Rock out with the ombre hair variation

Find out how to create Bruno Ellorioroz’s ombre variation to celebrate soft layers of colour on your colouring guests

Bruno Ellorioroz’s ombre variation celebrates soft layers of colour

Using a soft layer of colours, perfect this variation of the ombre technique with this tutorial by Bruno Ellorioroz – then deliver effortless cool and rock chic to your grateful clients.

Starting with a level 4 root application, Bruno shows you how to place bleach enlightener by hand throughout the mid-lengths and the ends – then tone down with soft honey gold to give the ultimate shine.

Make sure you don’t miss the accompanying haircut tutorial to complete the look. (Remember, with MHD membership, you have unlimited access to over 400 video tutorials covering cutting, colouring, styling and much more besides!)

Impress younger clientele with the red multi-tonal dip-dye technique

Find out how to create Madeleine Murphy’s red multi-tonal dip-dye, popular with celebrities and younger clients

Madeleine Murphy’s red multi-tonal dip-dye is popular with celebrities and younger clients

Madeleine Murphy is back in charge in the fifth and final of our featured tutorials to show you the red multi-tonal dip-dye technique. Using a variety of red tones – with useful pointers on colour choice, placement and diffusion – you’ll create an end result that effortlessly blends vivid reds with deep mulberries.

Popular with celebrities and younger clients, you’ll find fans of this daring style on the street and the catwalk.

Hairdressing training on your terms

We’ve been at the forefront of online hairdressing and barbering education for over a decade now – which is how we’ve assembled the world’s largest collection of training videos. Madeleine Murphy, Bruno Ellorioroz and Andrea Bennett are just 3 of the colour experts you’ll encounter in our balayage, ombre and dip-dye category – have a browse to check out some of the others.

What’s more, with over 500 tutorials – covering every discipline and experience level – from 70 plus globally-acclaimed instructors, it’s easy to enhance your skills and ensure you’re delivering to the best of your ability with an MHD subscription.

Not an MHD member yet? Whether you’re a stylist, a barber, a salon owner or hairdressing educator, our world-class education gives you a competitive advantage – supercharging your career, boosting salon profitability or improving results for every student.

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