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Start Spreading the News – It’s New York Barbershop Week

MHD - June 11, 2018 Barbering and Men's Haircuts, Hairdressing Instructors

Start Spreading the News – It’s New York Barbershop Week

When it comes to traditional men’s barbering, grooming and shaving, nobody touches New York Barbershop.

Established in Rotterdam in 1884, New York Barbershop is a family business that delivers a first-rate service. From shaving to facial grooming and the razor fade to shaving a partial beard, this week’s tutorials feature resident experts Ivan Rodriguez, Erika Vera and Jason Verhaeghe.

Give them a shave to remember

The Basics Of Providing Shaving Services

The Basics Of Providing Shaving Services

Think you know how to shave? When you really get it right, you’ll enjoy a boom in repeat business.

Our first featured tutorial – for intermediate-level barbers – covers the basics of providing shaving services.

Encompassing health and safety, products, consultation, aftercare, skin preparation and techniques, take this tutorial to get your hands on a wealth of information to empower you to deliver an outstanding shaving experience.

Set your business apart with male facial grooming

Male Facial Grooming

Male Facial Grooming

Done right, male facial grooming is sublimely relaxing – and our second featured tutorial will help you upgrade your current service.

Erika Vera of New York Barbershop gives you pointers on product application and exfoliation – as well as massage techniques – all designed to give those gentleman clients an outstanding experience that will leave them impressed and enthusiastic.

Fuse classic and contemporary with the gentleman’s cut

Gentleman's Haircut

Gentleman’s Haircut

Encompassing low graduation, round layering, razor thinning and disconnection, learn how to unite short and long lengths in our third featured tutorial.

Ivan Rodrigues of New York Barbershop demonstrates the gentleman’s cut, delivering a contemporary take on a traditional style. Don’t forget – as with all our tutorials – you can download your step-by-step guide to accompany the video.

Get authentic with the razor fade

Razor Fade Haircut

Razor Fade Haircut

Jason Verhaeghe of New York Barbershop demonstrates the conventional razor fade in this advanced tutorial.

With pointers on clipper type and size – as well as razor cutting, scissors-over-comb and disconnection techniques – you’ll learn specialized grooming techniques to set your service apart from the rest.

The end result? An incredibly authentic seamless fade for your modern gent client – and specialised grooming techniques to enhance your service.

Shave a partial beard for a dashing, debonair look

How To Shave A Partial Beard With A Razor

How To Shave A Partial Beard With A Razor

Are your dapper gentlemen clients desperate for a dash of debonair? Give it to them in style with the seamless transition from haircut to partial beard, demonstrated by Erika Vera of New York Barbershop in our final featured tutorial.

You’ll fine-tune your razor and clipper cutting techniques as well as getting your hands on health and safety advice – and the final result is a triumph in male grooming.

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