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Proudly Presenting Playlist!

MHD - December 10, 2018 MHD News, MHD Playlist

Proudly Presenting Playlist!

Here at MHD, we’re passionate about making life easier for the whole of the hairdressing and barbering industry – salons, education providers, stylists and trainees. That’s why we’re particularly proud to announce that our pioneering playlist technology is now live!

Our latest functionality gives you the power to create bespoke training programmes (playlists!) for yourself, your staff or your trainees. It’s as easy as using Apple Music or Spotify – but rather than songs, you have over 500 hairdressing and barbering tutorials to choose from. Read on to find out more about the benefits and how to use it.

Personalised learning for everyone

Reach for the stars! Our playlist technology is now live!

Whether you’re a training provider, a salon, a stylist or a trainee, playlist provides a multitude of benefits.

First and foremost, it makes it easier to select tutorials from our vast library of content – using our tutorials to build bespoke learning journeys then seamlessly adjusting the order of videos.

And once you’ve done that, you can drip feed the content to trainees or salon staff, gradually building their skills and confidence as they progress through the levels from foundation to advanced.

Training Providers – Complement your curriculum

Hairdressing educator? Check out the benefits of our playlist functionality:

As an educational establishment, playlist complements and supports your curriculum – boosting outcomes for trainees and improving end point assessment results.

What’s more, it enables you to collaborate easily with any employer partners – as salon owners are able to view trainees’ MHD libraries to check on their progress and ensure any salon learning ties in.

Salons – Save time and fill skill gaps

Want to make 2019 the best year yet for your salon and team? Check this out:

If you’re a salon owner, playlist gives you the power to free up your time while motivating your team to fulfil their potential (and boost your profits into the bargain!)

It’s simple and quick to use the new technology to create bespoke learning pathways for every employee, setting targets for your team and encouraging them to boost their skills or learn something that allows you to launch a new salon service.

What’s more, when you’re invested in your team’s personal development, they’re far more likely to be loyal to you and your business.

Stylists & trainees – Track your path to success

Stylists & hairdressing trainees – Discover the power of playlist:

If you’re creating your own learning pathways, playlist gives you the freedom to clearly plot your path to success, all at the click of a button.

So, if you need to bolster your blonde colouring skills, for example, you can simply enter the term into our search function, and quickly find the exact tutorials you need – adding them to playlist as you go!

Don’t worry, you can create as many playlists as you like, enabling you to focus on different areas simultaneously should you wish.

How to use playlist

So much for the benefits. But how do you actually use our new technology? Here’s our guide for beginners. (Don’t worry, like everything we do, it’s pretty simple!)

1. Go to ‘My Playlists’ – This will show you all of the playlists you’ve created to date, but will (obviously!) be empty the first time you use it

Playlist Step 1

2. Select ‘New Playlist’ and add your playlist details – You can give it a title and a description, so that you (or your trainee or team member) can immediately understand its purpose

Playlist Step 2

3. Browse our incredible content to find the tutorial you need, searching by category, subcategory, instructor, technique or experience level – then select ‘Add to Playlist’

Playlist Step 3

4. Click on the playlist you want to add the content to – Alternatively, it’s straightforward to create a new one at this stage in the process

Playlist Step 4

5. Choose ‘Options’ to manage your playlists – and if you want to adjust the order of your tutorials you’ll need to select ‘Edit’

Playlist Step 5

Remember, your playlist will always start where you left off, or you can choose to use the ‘next up’ button to see what’s coming up on your agenda.

And it’s as simple as that. As ever, we’d be delighted to help with any queries or questions on our latest functionality. Simply click here for help. And in the meantime,

Not an MHD member yet? Whether you’re a stylist, a barber, a salon owner or hairdressing educator, our world-class education gives you a competitive advantage – supercharging your career, boosting salon profitability or improving results for every student.

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