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Pin Curls – The oldest hair setting technique

Sarah Oglesby - July 21, 2016 Dressing and Styling, Hair Trends, Hairdressing History

Pin Curls – The oldest hair setting technique

How to Create Traditional Pin Curls

Setting the hair in pin curls is one of the oldest hair setting techniques to achieve wavy hair. Traditionally pin curls were created taking sections of wet hair and winding them either clockwise or counter clockwise. The pin curls were then placed on or off the base of the section, depending on the desired look.

The Great Depression

Pin curling was at the height of fashion in the 1930s after the Great Depression. The long period of hardship that followed the stock market crash of 1929 saw women move away from the extravagance and decadence of the 1920s and towards a thriftier lifestyle.

Hollywood Glamour

This thriftier lifestyle did not mean that the women of the 1930s lacked glamour. Quite the opposite in fact. People flocked to the cinemas to escape the drudgery and despair of everyday life. Hollywood starlets such as Mae West and Jean Harlow inspired an era of accessible glamour that has stood the test of time. This era was the birth of Hollywood Glamour.

Mae West's Pin Curls

Mae West’s Pin Curls

Jean Harlow's Pin Curls

Jean Harlow’s Pin Curls

Pin Curls in the 1930s

Women tapped into endless creative concepts to repair, remake and remodel their fashion to replicate the looks worn on the big screen. Pin curls became the perfect at home setting technique to recreate the glamorous 1930s hairstyles.

Learn Pin Curls Online with MHD

Here at MHD our Instructors know the importance of nailing this classic setting technique. When it comes to providing your clients with vintage looks, wedding and prom hairstyles or classic style and finish looks – pin curls are still the go-to setting technique. This technique will provide you with a time tested foolproof way to achieving your finial masterpieces.

Reverse Pin Curl Set

Sharon Blain’s  Reverse Pin Curl Set is the perfect hairdressing video tutorial to start to replicate the Hollywood Glamour of the 1930s. Performed on wet hair this classic pin curl setting tutorial will provide you with skills you need to master flat wave placement.

Find out how to create a Great Gatsby inspired hairdo with Sharon Blain’s reverse pin curls hairstyle

Learn how to create a Great Gatsby inspired hairdo with Sharon Blain

Using Pin Curls when Blow Drying

John Vial’s  Chelsea Blow Dry shows you how modern and salon friendly pin curls can be in today’s busy salon environment. John uses this classic setting technique during a blow dry to ensure the hair holds its new shape. If you reach way back to your days as a hairdressing student you may remember the hair science behind this … alpha and beta keratin!


Chelsea Blowdry

Setting Hair with Barrel Pin Curls

Callam Warrington provides you with another fantastic modern method of using pin curls to assist with hair preparation for a Wedding Hairstyle. Callam uses barrel pin curls to assist with setting the hair in preparation for his Classic Bridal Curls.


Classic Bridal Curls Updo

John Vial also demonstrates how adaptable barrel pin curls can be when performing a Classic Tong Set. His pin curling technique is the perfect, time efficient way to achieve Hollywood starlet glamour!


Classic Tong Set and Sectioning Pattern Tutorial

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