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Optimise Education Delivery With MHD: Level 3 Hairdressing Diplomas

MHD - February 24, 2021 Education Advice & Solutions, MHD Playlist

Optimise Education Delivery With MHD: Level 3 Hairdressing Diplomas

To suggest that the past 12 months have been tough for hairdressing educators is the understatement of the century. But we’re here to supercharge your Level 3 Diploma for Advanced and Creative Hair Professionals – making life easier for tutors, students and apprentices.

Here’s how:

  • Using her expertise, MHD resident education expert Sarah Oglesby has compiled 7 streamlined playlists of quality MHD tutorials – covering the Level 3 diploma
  • We’ve updated our technology so it’s simple for you (and your students or apprentices) to add them seamlessly to your MHD accounts
  • Use the playlists as part of your blended learning – for example, share them in online Zoom or Teams lessons or add them to lesson plans – helping students build skills and confidence incrementally

Read on for all the details and for links to the playlists – they cover everything from consultations to fashion forward trends and colour correction services.

More about the Level 3 Diploma

The Level 3 Diploma for Advanced and Creative Hair Professionals

The Level 3 Diploma for Advanced and Creative Hair Professionals is a newly-created qualification that’s based on employer needs. It’s used to support the on-programme journey in preparation for completing the end-point assessment for the Advanced and Creative Hair Professional Apprenticeship Standard.

Check out this link for more details on the diploma itself.

Meet MHD Director of Operations Sarah Oglesby

Sarah Oglesby, MHD Director of Operations

Sarah Oglesby’s been with MHD since 2013, so it goes without saying that she’s an expert on our platform. But she also has over 20 years’ experience as a hairdresser and educator – which means she has a nuanced understanding of how to nurture students through their qualifications.

“I understand how tough the past year has been on formal education providers and salon employers,” Sarah explains. “I wanted to be able to do something to relieve that pressure – and realised that providing a series of playlists tailored to the diploma would free up tutors’ time to give further support to students.”

Check out the Level 3 Diploma playlists

Level 3 Diploma playlists

Sarah’s put together 7 playlists for the Level 3 Diploma. If you’re already a member, all you need to do is click the links below to access the playlists and add them to your MHD account. And if you’re part of our in-college training scheme, don’t forget to use our reports functionality to track students’ progress.

Non-members, you’re also welcome to view the playlists – but to watch the tutorials themselves you’ll need to subscribe …

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Looking for support on a different qualification?

That’s no problem! Sarah’s compiled 13 playlists for the Level 2 Diploma – check them out here! She’s also compiled suggested playlists for:

  • Australian Certificate 111 Hairdressing & Barbering
  • Canadian ITA Level 1

Remember, MHD is home to the world’s largest online collection of hairdressing and barbering tutorials –all standardised and of the highest quality. So if you’re responsible for hairdressing education elsewhere in the world, you can still use our tutorials to support you – and Sarah would be happy to compile content specifically for you. Please don’t hesitate to reach out with your request.

As mentioned above, we’re also offering generous discounts to help you out in these extraordinary times.

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