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New Technology Roll Out | Playlist Goes Public

MHD - February 8, 2021 Education Advice & Solutions, MHD News, MHD Playlist

New Technology Roll Out | Playlist Goes Public

We’ve listened to your playlist feedback. And we’ve updated our platform so that you’re able to share a playlist publicly – in a formal training environment, on social media, by email or in a chat thread – enabling other MHD users to add it seamlessly to their accounts. Read on for all the details of our latest technology update.

Why the update to playlist?

Updated playlist

We’ve always been committed to tweaking the MHD platform to optimise the user experience. And since we launched playlist in 2018, we’ve conducted extensive customer research.

While the feedback has been largely positive, those of you who use playlist as part of your formal training environment told us that not being able to link to a playlist landing page which displays all the tutorials in your selection – or re-share a shared playlist – was a barrier to using the product effectively. So we decided it was time for a change.

How has playlist functionality changed?

Playlist sharing

Thanks to the update, that barrier no longer exists.

Now, once you’ve made a playlist public, you can simply drop the URL into any external location and share the landing page containing your chosen MHD tutorials.

If you’re an educator, this is a game changer as it means you’re now able to share playlists during Team or Zoom lessons, as part of schemes of work and internal VLEs – enabling students to add playlists to their accounts seamlessly.

And it doesn’t just benefit educators. The new functionality means that you can drop the playlist URL into chat threads and share it on social media or by email. Anyone who visits the playlist URL can then add the playlist to their MHD account.

And if you’ve accepted a playlist that’s been shared by another MHD member – or added a public playlist to your account – you’re now able to share it with other users.

How do I make a playlist public?

Making a playlist public

Making a playlist public is simple. Just go to My Playlists and then select the playlist you want to make public. Go to Options and click on the Make Public link. From there, simply copy the playlist URL and share your playlist in any way you chose outside the MHD platform.

When you receive a shared playlist – or visit a playlist URL – just select Add To My Playlists.

And if you want to share a (private or public) playlist with another MHD user, just use the Share button as before.

Happy playlisting!

MHD is home to the world’s largest online collection of hairdressing and barbering tutorials – giving you unlimited access to high quality, standardised hairdressing education that’s affordable for everyone. We’re also offering generous discounts to help you out in these extraordinary times.

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