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The Lowdown on 5 Creative Total Look Tutorials

MHD - November 8, 2018 Hair Colouring, Hair Cutting, Hairdressing tutorials

The Lowdown on 5 Creative Total Look Tutorials

Whether you’re a tutor, a salon owner or a stylist, it’s fun to mix and match MHD’s eclectic range of cutting and colouring tutorials. But it’s equally satisfying to draw on the expertise of our industry-leading stylists and colourists to emulate a total look that they’ve created.

This week, we’re giving you the lowdown on 5 of our Creative Total Looks, giving you the opportunity to combine cutting and colouring techniques to stun your clients or inspire your students. Check out our insight on tutorials from Charmaine Piche, Tim Hartley, Stacey Broughton and Christian Lanza (to name a few) – then assign the tutorials to your students, or take them yourself to expand your repertoire.

Total Look 1: Bastian Casaretto and Claus Hagenhoff demonstrate

Bastian Casaretto & Claus Hagenhoff demonstrate a graduated haircut and asymmetric block colour. Stunning:

A stunning graduated cut with pivoted triangular layering, plus asymmetric block colour in red, copper and violet to complement it. That’s what you’ll get in our first total look tutorial, with the cut by Bastian Casaretto and colour by Claus Hagenhoff.

With tips on sectioning and over-direction, Bastian shows you how to create parlour-perfect hair – adding texture and movement to the cool and warm shades provided by Claus in his asymmetric colour placement.

Total Look 2: Get harmonious with Gary Woo and Charmaine Piche

Gary Woo and Charmaine Piche’s talents unite in this men’s Total Look tutorial:

Cut and colour work harmoniously in this stylish total look for men – with the cut demonstrated by Gary Woo and colour by Charmaine Piche.

First up, you’ll get to grips with flat graduation with disconnection – with Gary’s pointers on masculine head shape as well as finger angle and over-comb techniques. Then let Charmaine show you the understated shine line – emphasising the existing shine and showing off the precision of the cut.

Total Look 3: Overlapping tones and graduation with Christiano Lanza and Tim Hartley

Tim Hartley Haircut Tutorial + Christiano Lanza Colour Tutorial = 1 Stunning Creative Total Look. Get the details:

Tim Hartley shows you the mid-length round graduation on type 4 hair in the third of our Total Look tutorials – with plenty of expert advice on everything from elevation to disconnection.

Then Christiano Lanza takes centre stage in his overlapping tones colour tutorial – demonstrating the application of 3 zones of overlapping colour gradients, moving from muted shades of violet and blue through to vibrant tones.

Total Look 4: Stacey Broughton and Bee Dixon demonstrate a short salon essential

Short graduation by Stacey Broughton and basic colour and foil placement by Bee Dixon.

Colour and cut effortlessly complement each other in this simple yet stylist total look.

The short graduation haircut tutorial – taught by the one and only Stacey Broughton – is a salon essential that you’ll return to time and again. It’s obligatory learning for all modern hairdressers and you’ll benefit from Stacey’s pointers on everything from blunt and club cutting to elevation and over-direction.

Bee Dixon’s accompanying colour tutorial mixes 2 purple shades and sets them against a rich, dark palette – get ready to work on your colour placement sectioning, block colour and foil sectioning skills.

Total Look 5: Tracy Hayes and Tim Hartley match more than initials!

Tim Hartley & Tracy Hayes deliver the week’s final creative Total Look: firefly with a splash of violet. Check it out:

In our final featured total look, Tracy Hayes and Tim Hartley step up to demonstrate 3 tier hair colouring and a firefly abstraction cut.

Perfect for intermediate-level stylists, Tim creates a beautiful fall of hair by starting with a low parting on the left and finishing with the connection from the top of the ear through to the disconnected under sections.

Following the graduation of the cut, Tracy Hayes’ 3 tier colour application encompasses a deep charcoal base which frames a fine line of blonde and includes a flash of vibrant violet.

Simply stunning!

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