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Learn A-line Bob Haircut Perfection

Sarah Oglesby - July 11, 2016 Celebrity Hairstyles, Hair Trends, Hairdressing History

Learn A-line Bob Haircut Perfection

The Bob Haircut History

The bob haircut has been the epitome of powerful, stylish, modern and influential women since the times of Cleopatra and 15th-century heroine Joan of Arc. During the 1920’s influential women such as pioneer aviator Amelia Earhart and American film actress and dancer, Louise Brooks sported this shocking statement of independence.

Amelia Earhart and Louise Brooks 1920s bob haircuts

Amelia Earhart and Louise Brooks 1920s bob haircuts

In the 1960s the British American hairstylist Vidal Sassoon created some of the most iconic bob haircuts of the time. Sassoon’s precise geometric bobs were worn by the likes of fashion designer and British fashion icon Mary Quant and American Actress Nancy Kwan.

Mary Quant and Nancy Kwan bobs

Vidal Sassoon’s 1960s iconic bobs on Mary Quant and Nancy Kwan

The release of the cult film Pulp Fiction in 1994 saw Uma Thurman’s independent and mysterious character Mia Wallace’s bob influence the fashion world and its runways ever since. Internationally renowned fashion designer, and former Spice Girl, Victoria Beckham has been the queen of reinvention and her graduated A-line Pob of the mid-2000s took the hair world by storm.

Mia Wallace and Victoria Beckham bob

Pulp Fiction’s Mia Wallace bob haircut and Victoria Beckham’s pob

Today the bob is just as fashionable as ever and simple geometric bob hairstyles are sported by the likes of Vogue editor in chief Anna Wintour and legendary female singer-songwriter Adele. When it comes to bob hairstyles, the A-line bob haircut is the most popular, timeless style of all of them all.

Adele and Anna Wintour bob hairctus

Adele and Anna Wintour’s bob haircuts

The A-line Bob Haircut

The A-line bob haircut, or as it has become known in recent years – the lob – is a universally flattering shape. The A-line is achieved by cutting the hair shorter in the back and gradually longer towards the face. Having a precision A-line bob haircut, and its numerous variations, in your hair cutting repertoire will ensure you will be able to meet the demands of your every growing modern, stylish and influential clientele. Not to mention all the client referrals you will gain by sending out cutting edge A-line lobs!

How to cut an A-line Bob

The thought of cutting an A-line bob can send the most confident of trainee hairdressers into a nervous, sweating wreck and here at MHD we can sympathise. Our Instructors have provided you with some serious tuition in our online A-line bob haircut step-by-step videos.

How to cut an A-line Bob Haircut on a Training Head

If you are just starting your A-line bob haircutting journey, we recommend you begin it with four times Australian Educator of the Year Tracey Hughes. Tracey’s A-line bob video tutorial gets you started on a hairdresser’s training head to help you master the technical aspect of the one length A-line cut. Tracey guides you through the essential sectioning patterns, the importance of ensuring the hair is combed in the natural fall as well as the importance of using the correct cutting tension and elevation. You will also learn how to accommodate the neck shape and how to place your A-line accurately.


A-Line Bob

Cutting an A-line Bob Haircut

Once you have mastered your A-line bob haircut on a training head, the next step is to move onto a live model. Stacey Broughton, regarded as one of the best women’s hairdressers in the world, provides you with a detailed online A-line bob haircut step-by-step video. Stacey’s A-line technique guides you through the placement of your one-length line as well as how to elevate your sections to create subtle graduation in the back of your bob.


A-Line Bob Haircut Tutorial Video

The Dramatic A-line Shape

When you are ready to add A-line bob drama to your repertoire then head back to Stacey to learn his Long A-line Shape. This super stylish haircut training video will provide you with some serious celebrity haircut credentials. Stacey teaches you how to create this dramatic A-line bob haircut through graduation and over-direction. He talks you through the importance of finger and body positioning when placing your perimeter line. He also shows you how to refine and loosen your A-line bob with freehand techniques.

Long A-Line Shape Haircut

Long A-Line Shape Haircut

Disconnected A-line Bob Haircuts

Finally, when you’re ready to move onto cool disconnected A-line cuts try Creative Director at La Biosthetique and twice winner of German Hairdresser of the year, Alexander Dinter’s A-line Disconnection or Tracey Hughes’ Graduated A-line Disconnection with a Heavy Fringe


How to Cut an A-Line Disconnected Haircut

Graduated A-Line Disconnection With A Heavy Fringe

Graduated A-Line Disconnection With A Heavy Fringe

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