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Insightful New Feature For Tutors & Managers: Introducing Reports

MHD - April 30, 2020 Education Advice & Solutions, MHD News, Salon & Business Advice

Insightful New Feature For Tutors & Managers: Introducing Reports

Here at MHD HQ, we’re constantly improving the functionality of our platform to make life easier for our members. And we’re particularly pleased with our latest technological roll out: Reports.

Exclusively designed for tutors (at colleges, academies or training salons) and salon managers, Reports empowers you to see a detailed breakdown of your student and salon team members’ progress through their allocated playlists – and download reports to evidence the learning that users have undertaken.

Read on to find out more about the features and benefits of MHD Reports – and why it’s particularly useful during these challenging times when distance learning is fast becoming the new normal.

Discover detailed insight on students’ progress

Detailed insight on students’ progress

MHD Reports delivers unparalleled insight on students’ progress on the MHD platform. You can use it to see exactly what your students or salon team members have been up to – making it simple to monitor and evidence learning, even at a distance.

The new functionality shows you:

  • At-a-glance breakdown of students or team members – including date of last sign in, number of logins and number of allocated playlists (for those not in the know, playlist enables you to make learning personal by using our tutorials to create personalised training programmes)
  • Breakdown by playlist – simply click on a user to access detailed information, including total length of every allocated playlist and the percentage of each that’s been completed
  • Breakdown by tutorial – click on the playlist itself to reveal a breakdown by tutorial, including the length of each in minutes, making it simple to evidence distance learning

Monitor distance learning with detailed reporting

Monitor distance learning

We wanted to make it as easy as possible for our educator and salon partner members to evidence distance learning. So, we’ve now made it possible to download 2 types of reports:

  • Summary reports – provide a comprehensive overview on progress in an Excel sheet, covering all your students or team members
  • Individual user reports – breakdown learning by playlist, tutorial and date, enabling you to evidence precisely how much learning has been completed in minutes

Explore our new intuitive feature to discover all the benefits

New intuitive feature

So much for the benefits – but how do you use our latest technology?

If you’re a tutor or salon manager MHD member, Reports has already been added to your account – so don’t waste any time… check it out!

Once you’re logged in, you’ll be able to see ‘My Reports’ next to ‘My Library’ and ‘My Playlist.’ From there, it’s totally intuitive – just like every aspect of working with us.

Discover our world-class distance learning resource

World-class distance learning resource

If you’re looking for an online training platform that gives you the flexibility to make hairdressing training personal and evidences the hours students or salon team members are completing – or if you’re a current member who’d like access to our Reports functionality – we’d love to help.

MHD is home to 500+ top quality hairdressing & barbering tutorial – giving hairdressing students and salon teams access to a high quality training platform that includes personalised training programmes and evidences learning – and we’re offering fantastic discounts to help you out in these extraordinary times.

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Happy reporting!

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