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Hairdressing Photo Shoot Essentials Part Two

Jamie Harrison - July 13, 2016 Hairdressing Education

Hairdressing Photo Shoot Essentials Part Two

In Part One of Hairdressing Photo Shoot Essentials we went through the planning stages of your shoot. Now it’s time to get to the final stages and shoot day itself in Part Two.

Final Preparations for your Hairdressing Photo Shoot

It is highly recommended that haircuts and hair colouring are done the day before the photo shoot, so on the day all you need to do is dress and style the hair. Doing it the day before will ensure the cuts are fresh and will need as little work as possible. Trying to cut and colour four models on the shoot day will not only fill all your time, it will annoy everyone else waiting for you!

Put together a running order for the shoot day, covering model shoot order. Bear in mind the time it takes for the make-up artist to apply make-up. This could be a minimum of one hour per model, or more if the make-up is especially complicated. Similarly the stylist will need time to dree the models, and the photographer will need to time to set up lights, props or sets.

Steve Turner Behind the Scenes

Steve Turner makes final adjustments to his model’s hair during the photo shoot

Similarly allow time for styling and dressing the hair. If you’re doing complicated pin curls, setting or braiding, then allow time between models to make sure you get it right. Some blow dried updos or roller sets may not last long before dropping, especially under the heat of photographic lights, so you don’t want models sitting around.

If you are completely new to styling hair for a photographic shoot, it is worth practicing any new styles you want to try beforehand. Ensure you are happy with what you are trying to achieve; if you’re not then don’t book anything until you are – a photo shoot is a big expense to get it wrong! Once you are happy then book the day and time with everyone involved.

Shoot Day

Have you told everyone the location and correct date and time? Ensure that they are aware – time is money! If you have told them that it’s a 9am start, ensure that they are there for that time – if the photographer/make up artists/stylists are being paid, you will want them to be working.

Maybe you could stagger the start time, so models arrive with the makeup artist, whilst the clothing stylist and photographer start a little later – you decide on what you want for the day – the best thing is to COMMUNICATE!

Roy Hayward Behind the Scenes photo shoot

Roy Hayward and the team prepare their model for photographs on set

Ensure you have all the equipment you need for the day: hairbrushes, combs, hair products, scissors for last minute tidying, electrical tools and accessories. You will need to run through the hairstyles with the photographer and the running order you have planned for the day – try and stick to it. The models should sign a model release form, as well as anyone else in front of the camera (even if you stand with the model at the end – you will need to complete a release form), as this allows you to use the images without any comeback. Examples can be found on the internet, or the photographer will be able to provide one.

The Photo Shoot

Now it’s time to put the music on and start work. Try to keep the day fun but professional and efficient. If everyone is happy then they will give you their best and it will show in the final images.

Once the day has started, it’s really just a matter of ensuring that everything runs smoothly and that everyone is aware of their roles and jobs and when they are needed, while you get on with preparing and dressing hair.

Michelle Thompson Behind the Scenes photo shoot

Michelle Thompson prepares her model for a hairdressing photo shoot

During the day the photographer should be able take you though the photos that have been taken at each stage, to ensure that you are happy with what they are doing, rather than at the end of the day when, if you’re not happy, it’s too late! Most photographers use digital cameras now so this is easier than the old days of film and Polaroids. Many can shoot directly to the computer, so you can see each image as it is taken on a large monitor and easily adjust the hair, light, pose and so on immediately. The photographer is being paid by you and you need to be happy. If you’re not, politely tell them.

Remember to drink and eat during the day. Don’t have a set time to eat s the day may be running smoothly and you don’t want to break the flow – maybe eat at a natural break such as when the model’s in make-up.

Finishing Your Shoot

At the end of the day ensure that you have achieved everything that you wanted and are happy with the shoot. Thank everyone, clean up and ensure you’ve packed everything away. Liaise with the photographer and go through the shots that you like and arrange a date to go through your final choices and arrange any retouching. If you have promised copies of the pictures on CD or print to anyone involved in the shoot, then make sure you give them to them. Keep the team happy and they will be happy to work with you again.

Eugene Davis Behind the Scenes Photo shoot

Eugene Davis and his model at the end of an MHD video shoot

Looking for inspiration for your photo shoot? Read Roy Hayward’s post on editorial hairdressing.

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