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Get Session Hairdressing Right with Snowden Hill

MHD - September 12, 2018 Dressing and Styling, Hairdressing Instructors

Get Session Hairdressing Right with Snowden Hill

When it comes to Session Hairdressing, no one competes with Snowden Hill. He’s even got the initials to prove it! From Vogue to Prada and Alexander McQueen to Yves Saint Laurent, Snowden has collaborated on shows, campaigns, and editorials for all the biggest names in the fashion industry.

Combining unrivaled creativity with exceptional technique, Snowden’s talents ensure that he remains in constant demand around the world. Which is we’re really excited to feature him as our MHD instructor of the week. Read on for insight on 5 of his tutorials, folks.

Tutorial 1: Blow dry those curls straight

Texture To Straight Blow Dry By Snowden Hill

Texture To Straight Blow Dry

Blow drying is one of those must-have skills for hairdressers. So whether you’re just starting out on your hairdressing journey or think you could do with a bit of a refresh, it’s worth checking out this foundation-level tutorial, in which Snowden shows you how to use your blow drying skills to turn curly, textured hair into straight luxurious locks.

With insight and advice on everything from tonging to smoothing and rollering, you’ll learn everything you need to transform your clients’ hair for a party – or just because they feel like experiencing a different look.

Tutorial 2: Create curls from straight locks

Long Straight To Wavy Blow Dry By Snowden Hill

Long Straight To Wavy Blow Dry

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence. So while our first Snowden Hill lesson was all about curly to straight, tutorial 2 takes the opposite approach by showing you how to make naturally straight gorgeously wavy.

Prepare for working on a range of techniques, including backcombing, creating movement and volume, and product and brush use. The loopy, luscious curls you’ll create will be hugely popular with your clients.

Tutorial 3: Blow dry mid-length hair and place a fringe

Mid Length Blow Dry With Fringe Placement By Snowden Hill

Mid Length Blow Dry With Fringe Placement

Your blow drying technique is instrumental when it comes to bringing out the best in a cut or creating a particular look. For clients with mid-length hair and a fringe, this Snowden Hill tutorial is a must-see.

Take this foundation-level lesson to learn how to use tongs through the back and interior of the hair to create high impact, volumised texture. Cool, edgy and opulent, the end result is a real head turner.

Tutorial 4: Unlock your braiding potential

Iconic Braid By Snowden Hill

Iconic Braid

From brilliant blow drying to beautiful braiding, the focus on Snowden’s skills has shifted for our fourth featured tutorial.

Demonstrating this essential session technique, Snowden will teach you how to create a tight double braid through the back of the hair and a single braid and fine veil through the front. With insight and advice on brush use, plaiting, pinning and product use, you’ll learn how to create an ethereal look that reduces weight. Stunning!

Tutorial 5: Get elegant with the reverse horizontal roll up-do

Reverse Horizontal Roll Updo By Snowden Hill

Reverse Horizontal Roll Updo

Last but not least, Snowden Hill demonstrates the reverse horizontal roll up-do in tutorial 5.

Combining retro-chic with effortless elegance, you’ll work on your backcombing and roller placement technique as well as your smoothing and setting skills. The end result is a structured reverse roll with a gorgeous smooth silhouette.

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