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Fine-tune your colouring skills with Christiano Lanza

MHD - May 18, 2018 Hairdressing Instructors

Fine-tune your colouring skills with Christiano Lanza

Christiano Lanza is not only the former Colour Director of Vidal Sassoon. He’s a passionate educator who’s been at the forefront of hairdressing education for over a decade. A true believer in the importance of shape and colour in hair design, he’s an inspirational innovator when it comes to colouring hair.

In this blog, we dive into 5 of his colouring sessions to give you a sense of the scope and variety of tutorials available to MHD members.

Cross check colours to create the iconic modern red bob

Find out how to create a brilliant bold modern red hair colour using cross checking colours with Christiano Lanza

Christiano’s Modern Red Bob using Cross Checking Colours

There’s nothing subtle about the shade of red Christiano Lanza demonstrates in our first featured tutorial. Bold and brilliant, you’ll discover how to use cross checking colours to create a flaming red bob incorporating 3 levels of colour with a panel inspired by the eyebrow line.

This theatrical colour adds definition to Tim Hartley’s cut – so make sure you watch that, too. And don’t forget to download your step-by-step guide to accompany your tutorial.

Learn how to tint Afro Caribbean hair

Perfect for beginners, learn how to tint African type hair with Christiano Lanza

Christiano Lanza demonstrates a virgin tint on type 4 hair

Demonstrating a virgin tint on type 4 African hair, Christiano’s second featured lesson is packed with useful advice on everything from post-pigment treatment to porosity and even blend.

In this tutorial – suitable for beginner colourists – you’ll discover how to create a fiery tinge and a flawless fade. It’s another colouring session that goes hand-in-hand with a Tim Hartley haircut, so don’t forget to check that out.

Update your bleach and toner application skills

Perfect a crisp and even tone with Christiano Lanza’s bleach and toner technique

Christiano’s bleach and toner technique teaches you how to create a perfectly crisp and even tone

Here at MHD, we’re not all about the ladies – as you’ll discover in this demonstration of bleach and toner application skills, suitable for those at intermediate level.

Encompassing tips on method, even lift, porosity, colour palette and suitability, Christiano shows you how to create a perfectly crisp and even tone to enhance a sharp haircut in the third of this week’s featured tutorials.

Delight clients with your highlighting and lowlighting prowess

Learn how to enhance your weaving, pre-lightening and placement skills with Christiano Lanza

Enhance your weaving, pre-lightening and placement skills with Christiano

Want to enhance your weaving, pre-lightening, placement and colour palette skills? Then this intermediate level Christiano Lanza tutorial – in which he demonstrates highlighted triangles with woven lowlights in-between – contains the solution.

Beautifully blending rich tones of midnight blue and velvet with pumpkin and violet brown, the end result will stun your clients. Again, don’t forget to check out the accompanying haircut and download your step-by-step guide.

Create rich, lavish tones with the multi-tonal technique

Learn how to apply an array of rich brown and copper tones with Christiano Lanza

The reverse two-step hair colour is all about multi-tonal results

Christiano Lanza’s reverse two-step hair colouring session is the last of our featured tutorials and is all about multi-tonal technique. Showing you how to apply an array of rich brown and copper tones, the resulting colour created is opulent and extravagant.

We love Christiano Lanza – and his colouring tutorials provide inspiration, motivation and empowerment for colourists at every level. Hungry for more? You can see them all here.

Keep your colouring skills on trend with MHD

The world of hair colouring is constantly shifting and evolving, and keeping on trend can often feel like an uphill struggle. A subscription to MHD will help you stay ahead of the curve.

Not an MHD member yet? Whether you’re a stylist, a barber, a salon owner or hairdressing educator, our world-class education gives you a competitive advantage – supercharging your career, boosting salon profitability or improving results for every student.

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