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Hairdresser Training Videos

Enhance Styling Skills to Delight Brides-To-Be & Prom Queens

MHD - April 27, 2018 Dressing and Styling

Enhance Styling Skills to Delight Brides-To-Be & Prom Queens

Prom season is fast approaching and, these days, weddings are scheduled all year round. If you’re on the hunt for an easy way to enhance your reputation, gain greater exposure and boost your revenue stream, you’ll do well to brush up on your wedding and prom hairstyles.

From soft curls to net sculpturing, blow drying, chignon back bun hair and thread for styling, this blog delves into the detail of 5 tutorials in our wedding and prom hairstyles category – with lessons taught by Michel Zeytoun, Joseph Koniak, Snowden Hill, Sharon Blain and X-presion.

Tutorial 1: Michel Zeytoun on soft, luxurious curls

Find out how to delight your bridal and prom clients with Michel Zeytoun’s soft curls updo >>>

Delight your clients with Michel Zeytoun’s soft curls updo

Michel Zeytoun is one of the Middle East’s most popular hair-up specialists – and after learning the soft curls up-do in this tutorial you’ll understand why.

Perfect your roller placement, tonging and pinning skills in this easy-to-follow lesson – and delight your clients a quick adjustment to create cascading curls for an evening outfit change.

Tutorial 2: Joseph Koniak teaches the net sculptured up-do

Find out how to create Joseph Koniak’s stunning net sculptured up-do >>>

Learn a vintage look with Joseph Koniak

Nets are a gift to wedding and prom stylists, as they make it easier to create a long-lasting look. In our second featured tutorial by Joseph Koniak, you’ll learn how to offset opulent curls against an elegant cone to create the stunning net sculptured up-do.

Featuring easy-to-follow tips on sectioning, backcombing and ponytail and net placement, your clients will be delighted with the vintage look that lasts all day and night.

Tutorial 3: Snowden Hill on blow drying straight hair into luscious curls

Learn the perfect straight to wavy hairstyle with Snowden Hill >>>

Perfect luscious loops with Snowden Hill

Straight-haired clients love going curly on their big days. And who better to show you how to show how to create luscious loops than Snowden Hill in our third featured tutorial?

Including tips on product use, tension and backcombing, this blow-drying tutorial is a must-have in your wedding and prom hairstyles repertoire. Perfect those light reflecting curls and your bridal and prom clients will be singing your praises forever more.

Tutorial 4: Sharon Blain’s chignon back bun

Australian icon Sharon Blain demonstrates the chignon back bun >>>

Effortless elegance taught by Sharon Blain

It just wouldn’t feel right to shine the spotlight on our wedding and prom hairstyles category without including a tutorial by Australian icon Sharon Blain. So, she takes to the stage in tutorial 4 to demonstrate the chignon back bun – a must have for weddings and proms.

The end result exudes effortless elegance. But – as Sharon makes clear – preparation is crucial for successful construction and placement of the bun.

Tutorial 5: X-presion demonstrates the anti-skid thread technique

Learn this unique threading hairstyle with X-presion >>>

X-presion demonstrates the anti-skid thread technique

We’ve saved something special for the last of our tutorials in this week’s featured bridal and prom hairstyles, which is all about threading. Demonstrating the anti-skid thread technique, X-presion’s unique style is perfect for brides and prom queens wanting to create an elfin look.

First, create two three-strand braids in a wave on both sides of the head. Next, sew between them and over the head. The result is a mysterious, ethereal look – a truly original addition to your repertoire.

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This week, we’ve featured 5 videos to show you the scope of our bridal and prom tutorials category. But that’s just a tantalising snippet of the full range of tutorials.

In fact, we’ve assembled over 500 videos covering everything from cutting and colouring to extensions.

The perfect way to update your skills and attract new clients.

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