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Edward Hemmings: Make 2020 The Year of Success

MHD - December 17, 2019 Education Advice & Solutions, Salon & Business Advice

Edward Hemmings: Make 2020 The Year of Success

There’s no getting away from it. 2020 is just around the corner. And MHD Global Ambassador Edward Hemmings is in planning mode.

Read on to find out what’s in store at Alan d Hairdressing Education – and to get your hands on an exclusive discount that’s guaranteed to make 2020 your best year yet when it comes to succeeding as a stylist or barber.

Building your skills? Technique never goes out of fashion

The bob haircut

It’s that wonderful time of year when you can’t help but start to assess what you’ve achieved in the last 12 months – and think about planning ahead for the next 12.

What have you got planned? What’s worked this year and what hasn’t? What will you do differently in 2020?

As educators, we start by looking at what we teach, how it’s taught and whether changes are needed. Fashions come and go with the seasons, but exceptional hairdressing is always all about technique. Once that’s there, it’s simple to adapt what you know in response to the latest trends. By ensuring that we teach technique, we give Alan d students a robust foundation from which to build their skills and progress their careers.

The bob haircut is a prime example. From a fashion perspective, its length varies significantly, but the techniques you use to cut a bob remain the same. So once you’ve mastered graduation and layering – as well as point and slice cutting – it’s relatively simple to adapt what you’ve learned to keep your customers on trend. Similarly, a great blow dry relies on understanding volume and brush control – and that applies whether you’re creating curl or a smooth finish.

The focus on techniques is just one of the reasons that I was drawn to MHD. We use it as a teaching tool as it gives us the power to access any technique we need. It also acts as a great library of fashion and trend.

Thanks to the MHD platform – and the way we’ve been able to create personised learning pathways using playlist – 2019 has been a year which has seen our apprentices excel when it comes to end point assessments.

Get ahead in 2020 with 15% off Alan d Refresher Courses

15% off Alan d Refresher Courses

Are you thinking about returning to hairdressing or barbering after a career break? Perhaps you’d like the reassurance that comes from knowing that you’ve got everything from posture to body positioning and graduation to layering totally right? Maybe you’re stuck in a rut and want to supercharge your career?

We’re not just about apprentices at Alan d. We also offer Refresher Courses with a focus on technique – courses that are specifically designed to build your confidence. And this Christmas, we’d love you to book a week’s Refresher Course with a huge 15% discount. Just mention MHD when you book to claim yours. Here’s what you’ll get:

  • A week exploring foundation techniques with – we’ll cover everything from club and point-cutting, when graduation becomes a layer, and shorter hair techniques
  • Ensure your posture and body positioning is correct for the technique – our expert instructors help you get both exactly right
  • The confidence to return to the salon – and astound and delight customers with your expertise

This course is ideal if you’re feeling bogged down or stuck in a rut – but together we can make 2020 the year of your success. Remember, just mention MHD and receive a unique 15% discount on all of our Refresher Courses.


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