Looking for proven strategies to improve results for every hairdressing and barbering student – and supercharge your reputation as an education provider?

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Watch this short video

Watch this short video. Meet Sarah Oglesby, hairdresser, educator and MHD's Director of Ops. And learn more about her MHD journey – and how she'll support you on yours.

MHD's world class online training platform empowers you to improve outcomes for students – giving them the best possible start in their careers and boosting your profile as an educational centre of excellence

MHD online training platform

  • Enhance your curriculum with techniques selected from our vast library of high quality, standardised content.
  • Inspire learners with tuition from 71 globally-acclaimed instructors.
  • Create bespoke training pathways to drip feed content to students, building their skills and confidence incrementally.

Book a demo today to find out how we'll support all your training needs. But be quick. We're committed to delivering the very best customer service which means we limit the number of spaces on our in-college training scheme. Don't miss your chance to grab yours.

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Here's what Edward Hemmings of leading UK hairdressing & barbering training provider Alan d Hairdressing Education says about us …

I've been using MHD's platform to support Alan d's delivery of education since the end of last year. In particular, I've been leveraging playlist to help engage students and get them excited about their learning.

With playlist, our apprentices have a link to great education every day. Keeping everything relevant and focused, playlist saves precious time and ensures the apprentice has a targeted programme to follow.

Working closely with the team of MHD – especially Director of Operations Sarah Oglesby – we've gone through and identified core tutorials that students can use to cement EPA techniques… Having MHD on board to offer support and advice has been incredibly useful. Thanks to our collaboration, Alan d students benefit from our combined expertise.

By taking a growth mindset approach – and collaborating close with the amazing team at MHD – we've managed to totally transform the fortune of our students. In the latest batch of end point assessment, every one received distinction!

Edward Hemmings

Edward Hemmings Alan d Hairdressing Education

"Put simply, other platforms charge much more but can't compete on any level"

That's according to MHD member & educator Ned Halimi. Here are a few of the many benefits you'll experience when you use MHD to support delivery of education.

  • Boost student outcomes

    Boost student outcomes

    Standardised tutorials support students to perform to the best of their abilities, giving them the best start in their career.

  • Flexibility & autonomy

    Flexibility & autonomy

    Use our resource in any way you choose – Map out training plans with tutorials that represent your ethos, standardising to your lesson plans.

  • Industry-leading technology

    Industry-leading technology

    Get personal with playlist – tutors create personalised learning pathways for students, with the support of the MHD team.

  • Inspiration for everyone

    Inspiration for everyone

    71 globally-acclaimed instructors teach every discipline at every level – Videos shot from 3 camera angles capture every detail.

  • Support at every stage

    Support at every stage

    MHD Director of Ops Sarah Oglesby acts as your personal coach, ensuring you and your tutors know how to get the best out of the platform.

  • Cost-effective training

    Cost-effective training

    We've spent   and a decade developing our unique platform – But give you unlimited access for incredible rates.

Book a demo with resident expert, Director of Ops Sarah Oglesby, and she'll tell you more about all the benefits – and the amazing rates we're able to offer colleges and training providers.

We even offer a 14-day money back guarantee – which means you can cancel your plan if you're not enjoying your MHD experience.

Hurry though – We give one-to-one support to all our college and training provider members, which means we only have a limited number of spaces available.

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Take a sneak peek at MHD's   hairdressing education platform

Want to know a bit more about our platform and how you can use it to boost student outcomes?

Watch our short video for an introduction to all the benefits of MHD membership, including our pioneering playlist technology.

What you'll get when you sign your college up to an annual MHD plan

  • MHD accounts

    MHD accounts for every student and tutor – worth   each

  • Zoom kick off & onboarding session

    1 x 45-minutes Zoom kick off & onboarding session with Director of Ops Sarah Oglesby, plus induction recording for any team members who can't make the session

  • 500+ hairdressing and barbering tutorials

    Unlimited access to 500+ hairdressing and barbering tutorials

  • 70+ world class educators

    Training from 70+ world class educators, all leading lights of the industry

  • Pioneering playlist technology

    Pioneering playlist technology, enabling you to create bespoke learning pathways for every student

  • Playlist development support

    Playlist development support – Customer Success Team develop playlists for your students and share them into your tutors' accounts

  • One-to-one tutoring

    One-to-one tutoring for any team members who need support finding content or developing playlists

  • Step-by-step guides

    Downloadable step-by-step guides for every video

  • Head sheets

    121 downloadable head sheets

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Boost results for hairdressing & barbering students and give your college a competitive advantage

Book a 30-minute MHD demo today to find out how you can use our unique blended e-learning platform to supercharge outcomes for your students and business – and to find out about the incredible rates we offer to colleges and training centres.

But don't forget, you need to act quickly. We're committed to delivering incredible customer service – and offer a significant amount of one-to-one support – which means the numbers in our in-college training scheme are limited. Book your demo today to make sure you don't miss out.

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