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Delivering UK Level 2 Hair Professional Diplomas? MHD Is Here To Help

MHD - February 17, 2021 Education Advice & Solutions, MHD Playlist

Delivering UK Level 2 Hair Professional Diplomas? MHD Is Here To Help

In these extraordinary times, delivering remote training is a challenge – both for training providers delivering formal qualifications and salon employers running apprenticeship schemes.

Luckily, our Director of Operations, Sarah Oglesby, is here to help. Our resident teaching and learning specialist has compiled 13 public playlists to support you deliver UK Level 2 Diplomas in professional hairdressing and barbering. Read on for all the details – and for links to playlists covering everything from colouring and perming to shaving services.

Deliver Level 2 Diploma training with MHD’s help

Level 2 Diploma training

Designed by employers, the Level 2 Diploma (in Professional Hairdressing or Barbering) allows hairdressing and barbering students to obtain the Hairdressing Professional Standard – along with the relevant functional skills and end-point assessment module.

If you’re an employer or training provider looking for tutorials that cover the relevant skills for your learners, MHD is designed to support you.

  • Our high quality, standardised tutorials cover all relevant topics for hairdressing and barbering students – taught by leading lights of the industry
  • Playlist technology gives you the power to create personalised learning pathways for students – drip feeding them content to build skills and confidence incrementally
  • Our latest update means that you can share playlists publicly – including during Zoom or Teams lessons – allowing students to add them easily to their MHD accounts
  • Reports functionality gives you the ability to see a detailed breakdown of students’ progress through their playlists – and evidence the learning they’ve undertaken

Share these playlists with students to help them obtain their diplomas

Share playlists with students

Director of Ops Sarah Oglesby isn’t just an expert on the MHD platform – she’s worked as a hairdresser and educator for over 20 years, so she knows exactly what’s needed to support students through their qualifications.

Using her knowledge of the platform and the diploma, Sarah has compiled 13 playlists for you to use as part of your training. Simply click the links below to access the playlists and add them to your MHD account – and if you’re part of our in-college training scheme, share the playlists with your students and track their progress with our reports functionality.

If you’re not a member yet, you’re still able to check out the playlists – but you’ll need to subscribe to view the tutorials themselves.

Looking for help with another qualification?

Suggested playlists for other qualifications

Sarah hasn’t just prepared content for the Level 2 Diploma. She’s also compiled suggested playlists for the following qualifications:

  • UK Advanced & Creative Hair Professionals
  • Australian Certificate 111 Hairdressing & Barbering
  • Canadian ITA Level 1

And that’s not all. If you deliver hairdressing education in another country and you’re interested in Sarah’s suggestions, please don’t hesitate to reach out and we’ll be in touch.

Remember, MHD is home to the world’s largest online collection of hairdressing and barbering tutorials – giving you unlimited access to high quality, standardised hairdressing education that’s affordable for everyone. We’re also offering generous discounts to help you out in these extraordinary times.

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