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Coronavirus Best Practice – 5 Tips for Hairdressers & Barbers

MHD - March 18, 2020 Education Advice & Solutions, Salon & Business Advice

Coronavirus Best Practice – 5 Tips for Hairdressers & Barbers

As COVID-19 spreads across the world, salon hygiene has never been more important. We’ve compiled some best practice tips designed to ensure you’re able to continue delighting your customers without putting yourselves – or them – at greater risk.

Tip 1 – Keep up to date with the latest government advice

Keep up to date with the latest government advice (Casimiro PT /

Casimiro PT /

At the moment, the global situation is evolving extremely fast, with changes to our lives multiplying and different countries adopting a range of strategies designed to limit the spread of COVID-19. All updates are well publicised, but it’s crucial to ensure that you keep up to date with advice for employers.

For example, the 2020 UK Budget made provisions that give small and medium-sized businesses – those with under 250 employees – the power to reclaim Statutory Sick Pay for employees off work due to COVID-19. You’ll need to keep a record of staff absences and what you’ve paid out – and if you’re a salon employee, you’re not required to provide a GP note.

Tip 2 – Have clear sickness guidelines

Have clear sickness guidelines

In these strange times, most of us have become avid consumers of the news, so it’s likely that everyone – salon owner or stylist – will be aware of the latest government guidelines on when to work at when to stay at home. For example, from 16 March in the UK, if one person in your household has a high temperature or a persistent cough, everyone living there must stay at home for 14 days.

Other advice includes:

  • Wash hands frequently – use soap and water for at least 20 seconds (more on this below)
  • Sneeze into a tissue and put it straight in the bin – or sneeze into your elbow
  • Don’t touch your face if your hands aren’t clean
  • Avoid crowded place including pubs, clubs and theatres

This video from the World Health Organization has some useful generic tips. Make sure that everyone in your salon is aware of the guidelines and ensure that they’re strictly followed at all times. If you’re an employer, check in with your staff on a daily basis and ensure that they know not to come to work if they’re feeling unwell.

Tip 3 – Implement even higher hygiene standards

Implement even higher hygiene standards

Of course, as professional hairdressers and barbers, you already follow stringent hygiene protocols when it comes to preparing and maintaining tools and equipment – sterilising tools and disinfecting stations after every use, for example.

At the moment though, it’s worth taking additional steps to minimise the risk of spreading infection. Additional precautions include:

  • Disinfecting the reception desk after every transaction
  • Disinfecting door handles regularly throughout the day
  • Encouraging contactless payment where possible
  • Asking customers to wash their hands on arrival
  • Removing items such as magazines that could spread germs

Tip 4 – Reassure your customers by keeping them informed

Reassure your customers by keeping them informed

As the virus spreads and social distancing recommendations become more common, it’s likely that you’re going to face growing numbers of cancellations. To reassure those who do wish to keep their appointments, it’s definitely worth shouting about the measures you’re taking to protect the health of your team and customers.

Remember, your clients may not know about the stringent procedures you have, regardless of the pandemic. So tell them about what you do as a matter of course and outline the additional processes you’ve put in place to protect their health. You could do this:

  • On social media
  • In the form of a marketing email
  • On your website
  • All of the above

Tip 5 – Think of creative ways to get through the difficult days

Think of creative ways to get through the difficult days

As the days go by, it’s becoming increasingly clear that coronavirus is going to have a long-term impact on every sector – and the hair and beauty industry is no exception. However, people still want to look and feel good, so the demand isn’t likely to evaporate altogether.

Here’s a few ideas to help you through the days ahead:

  • Stay positive – whether you’re a salon owner or stylist, it’s important to keep your spirits up, even if work isn’t as busy as usual
  • Don’t panic – get your news from reputable sources and don’t get too obsessed with constantly checking it
  • Interact with others similarly affected on social media – for example, the MHD Community Facebook Group is a great place to share stories
  • Reach out to vulnerable people in your community – it feels great to help others in times of need, so check out what’s going on locally and see if you can help
  • Keep busy – use an online learning platform like MHD to get world class tuition, adding another string to your bow or taking your skills to the next level

Our online training platform is home to the world’s largest collection of hairdressing and barbering tutorials – and we’re offering fantastic membership discounts for salon owners and stylists to help you fill skill gaps and boost morale and productivity.

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