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Collaborating to Enrich Education: MHD & JET Hairdressing & Barbering Academy

MHD - October 24, 2019 Education Advice & Solutions, MHD News

Collaborating to Enrich Education: MHD & JET Hairdressing & Barbering Academy

JET Hairdressing & Barbering Academy has pioneered in-salon delivery as an alternative to student day-release since 1998. Bridging the gap between qualification requirements and individual salon standards, they specialise in empowering employers to own the training of future stylists.

And that is just one of many reasons that we’re delighted to announce our partnership with JET Academy. Read on to discover how they’re using MHD as a tutor CPD tool as well as a learning resource for students – and to find out how our amazing platform has played its part in JET Academy’s incredible feedback in their latest Ofsted assessment.

Here are 4 benefits it’s experiencing.

1. Enhancing the JET Academy learning experience

Enhancing the JET Academy learning experience

JET Academy is committed to giving students a holistic education, providing a platform from which apprentices can build their skills for the long term. So, why were JET Academy keen to partner with us?

CEO Jill Kitchenham explains: ‘As passionate believers in the value of hairdressing, we’re constantly looking for new ways to enhance active learning – while maintaining the sense of excitement and motivating young people. We integrated MHD at the first opportunity to enhance the learning experiences we provide.’

With MHD as an additional resource, students are empowered to develop their practical skills quickly. Jill elaborates: ‘MHD gives our apprentices instant, bespoke, high quality learning from individually generated playlists – in the salon, in our training centres or recapping on the go.’

What’s more, JET Academy is using our playlist functionality to cater for the needs of millennials, who are looking for results fast. As Training Director Gill Coleman-Graves puts it: ‘Educators and employers have to understand there is a new generation of apprentices and we all have to adapt. MHD’s playlist facility can be mapped to individual areas for improvement, providing visual enrichment and building confidence as well as a high level of practical skill.’

2. Strengthening connections between employers and apprentices

Strengthening connections between employers and apprentices

With over 230 apprentices from 100 salons across Essex, JET Academy recognises that salons are investing in young people via apprenticeships. As Jill puts it: ‘We understand the significant contribution employers have on the success and achievement of our learners.’

These strong links have had a positive impact on Jet Academy itself. Jill says: ‘Communicating effectively with employers empowers us with detailed knowledge of our individual customers, helping us to stay ahead of our competitors – knowing the market, understanding client needs and moving with the times.’

Put simply, JET Academy understands that the relationship between training provider, employer and apprentice is crucial. And forging strong connections between employers, apprentices and training providers is an area where JET Academy’s values align closely with MHD’s – using our platform, JET is able to strengthen these ties further.

3. Doubling as a CPD tool for tutors

Doubling as a CPD tool for tutors

JET Academy is also using MHD as part of its extensive programme of continuous professional development for its highly skilled tutors.

Training Director Gill Coleman-Graves explains: ‘All of our trainers work commercially in addition to teaching apprentices. This point of difference increases our credibility. By staying current with trends and up-to-date techniques, our tutors are able to pass their skills and knowledge on to the next generation of hairdressers.’

And thanks to MHD’s 500+ tutorials, JET Academy’s tutors are able to work on CPD requirements in their own time, optimising their own skills while finetuning their teaching ability.

4. Contributing to excellent OFSTED feedback

Contributing to excellent OFSTED feedback

Since introducing MHD as an additional resource, OFSTED has inspected JET Academy – and the feedback they’ve received has been fantastic. For example, it commented on JET’s ‘range of creative and good quality resources’ and said that they ‘use their extensive experience and knowledge to design effective training programmes that meet both apprentices’ and their employers’ individual training and development needs.’

The collaboration between educators and employers was also singled out: ‘Educators work closely with employers so that the training apprentices receive in their own salons is carefully matched to the training provided by their educator.’ Finally, OFSTED remark that: ‘Apprentices preparing for assessments are confident and aiming for high grades.’

All in all, a fantastic outcome!

A modern approach to hairdressing education

A modern approach to hairdressing education

United by our modern approach to hairdressing education, MHD and JET Academy are delivering world class education to the stylists and barbers of tomorrow.

Jill sums it up: ‘JET Academy reflects the changing shape of industry education, providing learning that is relevant to the new generation and current in terms of trend and technology. Our offering is undoubtedly strengthened by MHD as its content has no genuine competitor – the simplicity of use and professional standard is unrivalled. Embracing technology and incorporating state of the art training resources has ensured that apprentices’ expectations are high – both in terms of end point assessment results and the long term and their future. MHD has contributed significantly to these results.’

Jill, we’re thrilled to have JET Academy on board!

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