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“Why Should I Become An MHD Member?”

It’s a question we’re often asked – and one that we’re always delighted to answer!

Whether you’re a salon owner, an educator, a tutor, a stylist or a hairdressing student, if you’re contemplating MHD membership, you’re someone who’s interested in progress. And that’s just what you’ll achieve when you subscribe to MHD.

By telling you a bit more about the way we‘re set up – and giving you a few additional details about our instructors, videos and some important changes we’re making – this article is designed to give you some insight into why now is the perfect time to become part of the MHD family.

The world’s largest online library of quality hairdressing & barbering training

There’s no disputing the facts. MHD is officially the world’s largest online training resource for hairdressers and barbers. Currently, MHD has over 500 hairdressing and barbering training videos, across every discipline and experience level.

Of course, there’s a variety of online resources for hairdressers, barbers, salon owners and educators, as a simple Google search reveals. However, our members say that other providers just have too many gaps in the education they offer (and that standards aren’t as high elsewhere, but more on that later.)

As Steve Turner of Six Salon Services puts it:

MHD is the only place where I can access training for all my staff, whatever their particular interests and regardless of whether they’re trainees or experienced stylists. The sheer variety on the platform – including tutorials on hair science and specialist areas like extensions – is simply awe-inspiring.

What’s more, with categories ranging from avant garde to balayage and up-dos to extensions, there’s something for everyone, whatever your interest.

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A decade’s experience united on one platform

Since our inception in 2008, we’ve been on a mission to deliver outstanding hairdressing and barbering education using the latest technology. Did you know that we were the first to use the internet as an education platform for the hairdressing industry?

During the last 10 years, we’re proud to have produced a variety of content for a range of platforms. For example, we’ve worked with awarding bodies to create content for the (no longer operating) MHD Academy. We’ve also liaised with numerous government bodies around the world to produce content that’s aligned with their legislation.

However, we’ve been on a journey, too. And we’ve come to realise that the constantly-evolving nature of the hairdressing and barbering industry means that content produced to a particular region’s rules or regulations quickly becomes outdated. That’s why we’ve decided that we can deliver the most value to everyone with all our content on one platform: MHD.

Sarah Oglesby, our Director of Quality Assurance, explains the move.

After a decade of creating the world’s most extensive range of online training videos, we’re delighted to finally bring our tutorials together on one platform,” she says. “This valuable resource can now be used by industry and for industry, which is what we had always intended.

Outstanding teaching from leading lights of the industry

And what about the standard of the training that you’ll receive?

The MHD brand of education is unique. All our videos are demonstrated in real-time, which means training is hands on. What’s more, every video is shot from 3 camera angles, meaning they’re easy to follow and understand. In addition, there’s an accompanying step-by-step guide to download with every tutorial, making it easy for students, stylists and educators to refer back to notes or refresh their skills.

So much for the standard of education. But what about the instructors themselves? This is yet another area where we excel. With over 70 instructors from some of the biggest brands in the business – including leading product manufacturers – we’re the only online resource to offer such a huge range of educators on one platform.

We’re not into name dropping (much!) – but when you’ve got Stacey Broughton, Mazella&Palmer, Tracey Hughes and Snowden Hill delivering tutorials, you know you’re doing something right!

As Ned Halimi of Illinois’ Cosmetology and Spa Academy says:

It’s incredible that MHD have been to bring together so many globally-acclaimed hairdressers. It isn’t often that you’ll find Sharon Blain and Tim Hartley in one place.

Meet Our Inspirational Instructors

The power to deliver unique learning pathways for everyone with playlist

MHD’s unique blended e-learning platform has been around for a while. But with playlist – our latest technological triumph –  we’ve given you the power to control your own learning journey (or that of your employees or students.)

Our industry-leading technology gives you the power to create playlists in the same way as you would using iTunes – but rather than music, you use our tutorials.

Ultimately, playlist gives you complete control as it enables you to leverage our content in a way that matches your business plan. Sarah elaborates:

“We’re empowering educational organisations with the ability to create bespoke training pathways, making their courses completely unique. We’re also helping salon owners give their staff precisely the training they need at the right cost, giving them the power to retain old clients and engage new ones.”

As Ned of Cosmetology and Spa Academy puts it:

“Now we’re in a position where we can develop our learners’ skills with even more bespoke learning pathways, allowing them to become specialists in niche areas, including hair up, colouring, cutting and extensions.”

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A cost-effective solution with benefits

There’s one more reason that we think you’ll love learning with MHD. Not only does it empower you to deliver the best possible service, upgrading your skills and outsmarting your competition. It also delivers incredible value for money.

But don’t take our word for it. Try it out for yourself. Simply sign up to receive our newsletter and we’ll give you a free, no obligations 48-hour trial.

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