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Basic Layer Men’s Haircut

Jamie Harrison - July 5, 2017 Barbering and Men's Haircuts, Hair Cutting, Hairdressing Education

Basic Layer Men’s Haircut

The basic layer is a fundamental men’s haircut and provides an essential grounding in cutting men’s hair. Traditionally men’s haircuts are cut square to provide a level of masculinity to the head shape, and to strengthen features such as the jaw and crown.

To achieve this effect on a round head, cut your lines straight rather than following the head shape. Also, corners around the perimeter should be more pronounced, instead of softened as they are for women’s haircuts.

men’s basic layer

Generally speaking, barbers only have an inch or two of hair length to work with, and often even shorter. Therefore, precision is a key aspect of any men’s haircut.

Within this narrow range, you must also take into consideration the specific characteristics of each client’s hair growth and patterns. This includes double crowns, whorls and widow’s peaks, as well as texture and density. Therefore, hold a careful consultation to identify problem areas to compensate for and correct during the service.

The hair is cut at uniform length throughout the haircut

The Basic Layer on MHD

Dale Ted Watkins of City Boy perfectly demonstrates how to cut a men’s basic layer in this barbering training video for MHD and which is available to watch on MHD. This video really is essential viewing for anyone starting out in men’s hairdressing or needing a refresher course in a men’s basic layer haircut.

Maintain proper finger and body position to ensure straight, even lines.

Maintain proper finger and body position to ensure straight, even lines.

Dale outlines all the relevant information, from the initial consultation and the theory to the practical elements such as finger and body positions to achieve the best possible outcome.

Finally, Dale demonstrates how freehand cutting and finishing provides a truly tailored haircut to suit the client’s growth patterns.

Men's Basic Layer/Uniform Layer

Men’s Basic Layer/Uniform Layer

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