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Apprentice Series – What To Expect From Your Training Provider

Sarah Oglesby - October 24, 2018 Education Advice & Solutions, Salon & Business Advice

Apprentice Series – What To Expect From Your Training Provider

If you’re committed to delivering the best possible experience for your apprentice, as well as the best outcome for your apprentice, you need the right training provider – one who’s committed to supporting your apprentice and to collaborating with you to facilitate the best quality training and achievement.

But how do you go about identifying the right partner? And what will their role be in your relationship? Read our blog for all the details on what to expect from your training provider.

Why do you need a training provider to deliver an apprenticeship?

What to expect from your apprentice scheme training provider:

The concept of apprenticeships is all about learning on the job. However, your apprentice’s ultimate goal is qualifying as a hairdresser or barber. And that’s where the training provider – generally a college of further education, but sometimes a private provider – comes in.

Your training provider will allocate you an assessor who will guide you and your apprentice through their programme. They’re responsible for supporting you, delivering further training and providing the qualification framework for the 20% of time that your apprentice will spend in off-the-job training. (Remember, they’re with you in the salon for 80% of their 30 hours a week employment.)

Managing the formal portion of your apprentice’s learning programme, your training partner registers your apprentice for the vocational and maths and English parts of their programme. In addition, they ensure that your in-house delivery is of the right standard and that your learners are able to meet the required standards and gain their qualification.

How do you choose a training provider?

Get tips on choosing the right training provider for your apprentice:

It’s crucial that you choose the right training provider to help deliver your apprenticeship – and that you set out clearly from the outset how your relationship is going to work.

For example, you need to agree the delivery model for the apprenticeship. Will your apprentice attend training during a day release during term time or will they attend evening classes? Will your training provider visit your apprentice in the salon to review their progress and assess their practical skills?

It’s also worth thinking about everything from prospective training providers’ class sizes to previous results they’ve achieved. After all, you want your apprentice to receive the best possible support when they’re not training with you.

Clearly define the parameters of your relationship with your training partner from the outset and you’re unlikely to run into problems once your learner has started their apprenticeship.

How should you coordinate with your training provider on learning resources?

How can you and your training provider deliver a cohesive learning experience?

It’s important that you and your training provider collaborate and coordinate on your apprentice’s learning programme – and learning resources – so that you know what to cover on a week-by-week basis. That way, you (or the individual in your team responsible for training) can support your apprentice.

For example, does your training provider give you access to an online portal where you can follow your apprentice’s progress? Do they supply text books or guides to techniques your apprentice needs to learn?

If you’re looking for ways to ensure that you and your training partner deliver standardised high quality training, then our blended e-learning platform ticks all the boxes. It’s simple for you to set and share your apprentice’s training plan and monitor progress. And it ensures that you and your provider are on the same page when it comes to your apprentice’s goals, and the techniques they’re learning.

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