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How to Get African Type 4 Hair Cutting and Styling Right

MHD - September 5, 2018 African Type Hair, Chemical Texturising

How to Get African Type 4 Hair Cutting and Styling Right

Are you looking for ways to impress your African Type 4 textured hair clients? Then you need to ensure you have the right skills set and an exciting repertoire of styles.

Good news is, we’re here to help. This week, we’re delighted to feature 5 tutorials from Eugene Davis, Michelle Thompson, Hector Obeng and Tim Hartley – all of which focus on Type 4 hair.

From the flat graduation with disconnection to the one-length horizontal with disconnection, plaited hair extensions, the two-strand twist and a chemical rearranger service, prepare to learn a range of skills to expand your repertoire and delight your clients.

Read on for all the details then take the videos to get to grips with 5 unique styles. (Tip: You’ll need to be an MHD member to take the tutorials, but more on that later!)

Create stunning curls with Eugene Davis’s two strand twist

Two Strand Twist On African Type 4 Hair By Eugene Davis

Two Strand Twist On African Type 4 Hair

Foundation-level stylist of Type 4 hair? Then this Eugene Davis tutorial is a great starting point.

Demonstrating the two strand twist, Eugene shows you how to create gorgeously defined coils that control texture and reshape natural movement. Prepare to develop your hair preparation and sectioning skills, learning how to apply consistent and appropriate tension to complete this simple yet effective style. With tips on finger finishing and hand positioning, this is a versatile style that clients with hair of varying lengths will love.

Learn chemical rearranging with Michelle Thompson

Chemical Rearranger Service By Michelle Thompson

Chemical Rearranger Service

Michelle Thompson takes charge for our second featured tutorial, demonstrating a chemical rearranger service in which you’ll change the structure of your client’s hair from a 4a curl to a 3b curl.

With Michelle’s insight and advice on everything from rod size to smoothing, wind pattern and direction, you’ll create beautifully even curls that provides the perfect base for a contemporary and refreshing makeover.

Don’t miss Michelle Thompson’s one-length horizontal disconnection

One-Length Horizontal With Disconnection Hair Tutorial By Michelle Thompson

One-Length Horizontal With Disconnection Hair Tutorial

Continuing from the previous tutorial, Michelle returns for lesson 3 to show you how to give Type 4 hair clients with chemically rearranged hair a cut that’s both flattering and liberating.

Ideal for intermediate-level stylists, prepare to finetune your sectioning, over direction and disconnection skills to release those curls with the one-length horizontal disconnection. Completely manageable yet stunning to look at, this popular style will delight your clients and have them raving about your new skills.

Learn Hollywood-style hair extensions with Hector Obeng

Plaited Hair Extensions By Hector Obeng

Plaited Hair Extensions

For our fourth tutorial, we turn to plaited hair extensions demonstrated by Hector Obeng.

There’s no glue, wax, adhesives, clips or bonding agents involved in this lesson. Instead, you’ll learn how to leverage your plaiting skills to apply synthetic hair extensions. Both chic and elegant, the end result is pure Hollywood!

Create an elegant profile with Tim Hartley’s flat graduation with disconnection

Flat Graduation With Disconnection On Afro Caribbean Hair By Tim Hartley

Flat Graduation With Disconnection On Afro Caribbean Hair

Last but by no means least, Tim Hartley demonstrates the elegant yet high impact flat graduation with disconnection.

Ideal for intermediate-level stylists, you’ll benefit from Tim’s unique insight and pointers on everything from blending natural and relaxed textures to weight lines, and blunt and clipper cutting. Tim also teaches you how to maximise internal lengths and create even short graduation.

Ideal for bold clients with African Type 4 hair, the final result frames the contours of brow and cheek and is simply stunning.

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