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Redheads Rule – 5 Techniques to Make Your Colouring Skills Red Hot

MHD - September 19, 2018 Hair Colouring

Redheads Rule – 5 Techniques to Make Your Colouring Skills Red Hot

Redhead hair colouring covers a huge range of techniques and a vast array of colours, from vivid scarlets right through to pretty pastels. So if you want to keep all your clients with red-toned locks – natural or otherwise – happy, you need to ensure that your skills are up to date.

Read on for details of 5 redhead colouring tutorials from the likes of Charmaine Piche, Tracy Hayes and Christiano Lanza. From cross checking colours and applying the pivoting colour gradient technique to blending marmalade and orange tones, get ready to give your redhead colouring skills a makeover with fresh and exciting looks, techniques and ideas to brighten up your repertoire.

Is there life on Mars? Christiano Lanza thinks so

Mars red with an interplay of violet tones? This cross checking Christiano Lanza tutorial is just for you

Modern Red Bob Using Cross Checking Colours

First up, learn how to create a flamingly dramatic Mars red with an interplay of violet tones in this incredible Christiano Lanza tutorial, ideal for experienced colourists with bold clients.

Incorporating 3 levels of colour with a panel through the sides, Christiano has advice on everything from colour placement to palette and achieving even saturation. The result is a super shiny and vibrant colour that adds definition to the Tim Hartley haircut. (Members: don’t forget to check that out, too!)

Combine striking oranges and reds with Charmaine Piche

Bold and contemporary, learn the pivoting colour gradient technique (red, naturally) with Charmaine Piche

Pivoting Colour Gradient Hair Colouring

In Charmaine Piche’s pivoting colour gradient tutorial, she shows you how to achieve a striking combination of oranges and reds.

Perfect if you’re working at an intermediate level, Charmaine demonstrates how to place lighter shades on the longer lengths of hair, gradually deepening the colour to accentuate the lengths and reveal detail of the layering – all of which is framed by a rich red base.

The vividly striking spectrum of oranges and reds you’ll create is a real head turner.

Claus Hagenhoff demonstrates herringbone block colouring

Don’t miss your chance to add the herringbone block colouring technique to your repertoire. Claus Hagenhoff demonstrates

Herringbone Block Colouring Variation

Next up, Claus Hagenhoff demonstrates the herringbone block colouring technique.

Learn how to use colour placement sectioning to create a two tone outcome that delivers a subtle combination of mahogany and violet brown, creating space and texture in the haircut. With Claus’s insight on colour placement and block angled sectioning, close levels and contrasting tones, get ready to finetune a range of skills.

Seamlessly blend marmalade and orange with Tracy Hayes

Tracy Hayes demonstrates the marmalade to orange blend hairstyle. Don’t miss out

Marmalade To Orange Blend Hairstyle

Rich smooth marmalade with velvet orange fringe-tipped tones taught by the wonderful Tracy Hayes. What’s not to love about tutorial 4?

Ideal if you’re an intermediate-level colourist, Tracy demonstrates how to seamlessly blend two bold colours. You’ll line and section the pre-lightened area before adding your marmalade base colour. Then add the same tone with stronger intensity in slices. The rich, youthful look you’ll create will stun your clients.

Get to grips with two tone colouring with Sophie Dale

A rich copper base with flashes of pretty pastel and a metallic shimmer? Check out this Sophie Dale video

Two Tone Hair Colouring

In this week’s final featured tutorial, Sophie Dale demonstrates two tone tint colouring, encompassing a pre-lightened panel and back-to-back slicing technique.

First, she shows you how to apply golden copper to the underneath using a classic tint application, before pre-lightening a triangular border to tone with 4 pastel shades: dusky lavender, soft copper, pearl blonde and soft pink. Next, create a flash of red gold blonde through the triangular top section to blend softly into the darker underneath base.

Facilitating a variety of styling options, the end result is a rich copper base with flashes of pastel and a metallic shimmer. Gorgeous.

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