4 cringingly funny haircut videos every hairdresser needs to see. Plus free training videos from MHD!

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Take a few minutes out of your day to enjoy a handful of funny haircut videos. These are some of the funniest, cringingly terrible videos on YouTube and will make your jaw drop. To balance things up and to demonstrate how hairdressing should be done, we’ve added a few of our own from the MHD archive –  including two full videos to watch for free! Swords and Fire Haircutting Spanish hairdresser Alberto Olmedo demonstrates a Game of Thrones approach to hairdressing at his salon in Madrid. Alberrto claims his medieval methods are mathematic, as he uses a combination of Samurai swords, blowtorches and razor finger claws to cut his clients’ hair. He also cuts hair with multiple pairs of scissors

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Worst Celebrity Hairstyles – No Excuses

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We’ve picked out the worst celebrity hairstyles, because often they have an army of stylists, image gurus, PR and marketing people, and other celebs to advise and guide them. So when they get it wrong, there’s really no excuse. But it makes us normal folk feel better about our own decisions and mistakes. And when their hairstyles are this bad, it’s quite funny. Bad Celebrity Hairstyles Simon Cowell Simon Cowell is an easy target so we have to place him at the beginning of the list. As a control freak, he takes his hair inspiration from Kim Jong-un of North Korea, but adds a little fluffy spikey style to his decidedly odd hairstyle. Seriously, he’s absolutely loaded, you’d think he could afford a

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3 Facts Every Trainee Colourist Should Know About Permanent Hair Colour

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When undertaking the training of an apprentice, colour theory is one of the most challenging topics to tackle. For some trainees this topic can create copious amounts of frustration and anxiety. As an in-house trainer where do you start? The science of light? The science of colour theory? By nature, hairdressers are visual and tactile. A high percentage of individuals in our industry learn best by seeing and doing. Starting with product knowledge and colour application builds an interest and enthusiasm. From this receptive foundation, you can then build your delivery of colour training to include colour theory and the science of colour formulation. How does permanent hair colour work? Permanent hair colour is a flexible colouring product that can lighten, darken

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