How a perm works – the ultimate beginners guide to perming

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The bohemian wave hair trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere any time soon. For some straight haired beauties, no amount of curling and setting provides any longevity to their boho curls. The most experienced technicians have the skills and knowledge to solve this age old dilemma and provide their clients with “waves for days” using … wait for it … a perm! We are not talking about the iconic perms of the 1980s, but that soft s-bend that helps straight hair with a compacted cuticle become more voluminous. This allows the newly waved hair to hold a boho wave from first light right through to the last call at the hottest night club in town. Permanent waving has been

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Hair care through the ages – 8 hair care facts from history

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Most of us take health and hygiene seriously and wash and cleanse our body and hair on a daily basis. But it wasn’t always so. Throughout history, different civilisations have had different approaches to sanitation and cleanliness, and hair care was often pretty low on the scale of importance. Much of the emphasis was placed on reducing unpleasant odours and dressing. So, let’s take a journey back in to the mists of time to discover some of the odd potions and techniques our ancestors used for their historical hair care. 1 Ancient Egypt Hair Care Ancient Egypt was a hot, dry place in the desert. A bit like modern Egypt. Hair moisturisers gave protection from the arid climate, and Egyptian women

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Basic Layer Men’s Haircut – Free Men’s Haircut Video Tutorial

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The basic layer is a fundamental men’s haircut and provides an essential grounding in cutting men’s hair. Traditionally men’s haircuts are cut square to provide a level of masculinity to the head shape, and to strengthen features such as the jaw and crown. To achieve this effect on a round head, cut your lines straight rather than following the head shape. Also, corners around the perimeter should be more pronounced, instead of softened as they are for women’s haircuts. Generally speaking, barbers only have an inch or two of hair length to work with, and often even shorter. Therefore, precision is a key aspect of any men’s haircut. Within this narrow range, you must also take into consideration the specific

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