9 bad hairstyles for men – Do not make these hair mistakes!

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At MHD we are committed to raising the standards of hairdressing and barbering, and bad hairstyles are not allowed. Ever. However, sometimes the client wants what the client wants and we are all subject to the whims of fashion, no matter how stupid, weird or embarrassing. This post serves as a warning from history. Always think before you pick up your scissors and whatever you do avoid these hair horrors at all costs! The No 1 Bad Hairstyle – The Mullet Beloved of wedding DJs, 80s footballers and Michael Bolton, the mullet hairstyle had its origins in the 1970s. Only Bowie with his prototype Ziggy Stardust mullet got away with it. Nobody else did. Ever. The Bubble Perm England and Liverpool soccer

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How temporary and semi-permanent hair colour can transform your hair colour services

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Whether you are new to hair colour application or just looking at ways to improve the colour services you offer your clients, there is no better place to start than understanding temporary and semi-permanent hair colour. These two products can quickly become part of your go-to arsenal and can transform the bespoke services you offer as a hair colourist. Temporary and semi-permanent hair colouring products are extremely versatile. They can be used for refreshing your client’s colour between services, levelling out uneven tone, pre-pigmentation during a colour correction, adding post treatment shine and intensity and much, much more. The most exciting concept about temporary and semi-permanent hair colour is that they are designed to be gentle and conditioning for the hair.

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Watch Tracey Hughes’ Free Hairdressing Tutorial Video and Save 50%!

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Australian hair legend Tracey Hughes demonstrates her Increased Layer haircut. The most popular video on MHD, Tracey Hughes’ free hairdressing tutorial video showcases the quality of teaching on MHD, and is suitable for all abilities. Watch Tracey Hughes’ Free Hairdressing Tutorial Video Now Tracey Hughes’ haircut is a long increased layered shape, building weight on the interior with soft layers through the exterior to beautifully frame the face while maintaining maximum length for a super salon friendly technique. Members can also download our step by step guide to this long increased layer haircut.   MHD has 400 more high quality hairdressing training videos from the likes of Tracey Hughes, Stacey Broughton, Tim Hartley, Tracy Hayes, Mazella&Palmer, Lee Stafford, Josh Wood and many more. Join today for

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