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Online hairdressing training and education from the world's best hairdressers

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"Tons of advanced info here - a must have!"

Russell Sweet

(via social media)

"Just joined. Loved the free trial. I would love to see more Patrick Cameron in the future."

Nikki Sanson Warren

(Palm Beach, Florida, USA)

"Wow. There is no better feeling than being inspired man! Thanks once again to Stacey Broughton and"

London Ross

(Glasgow, Scotland, UK)

"I've learned more from three months worth of your videos than nearly a year of cosmetology school. I can't thank you enough for my brilliant education!"

Michelle Cunningham

(via social media)

"Hey guys, keep up the awesome job! Always loving your work. Six months ago, you guys asked if there anything people wanted to see in videos, and after a suggestion from me it happened (I'm sure it was in the works regardless)!"

Max Sawicky

(Petaluma, California, USA)

"Safe Planet Towels & have given you a shout out. We love what you guys are doing at After working with Mazella & Palmer at Salon International it was great to see their latest work on MHD. Great value education is the greatest tool you can give to any hairdresser."

Marie Nieuwoudt

(via social media)

"Thank you so much for everything! I appreciate you all so much and appreciate the anniversary discount offer!!I look forward to this coming year and the next to follow with your team of experts! I am so grateful for you all, thank you again."

Pamela Hogan

(via email)

"You folks get me going each and every Monday...Love ya!!!"

Steven Michael

(Andover, Massachusetts, USA)

"We're finding your videos really useful for ideas, for training juniors when they don't have a model or have some down-time. Thanks!"

John Fraser Jenkins

(Sutton, UK)

"I like - an inspiration to the creative cranial nerve..thank you!"

Darin Wade

(Lawrence, Kansas, USA)

"Thank you for these videos! I'm trying to teach myself more skills as I get back into hair after a 6 month break and these have been a wonderful tool for me!"

Gina McIntosh

(Fort Collins, Colorado, USA)

"I just want to share with you our delight here at Gateshead College Hairdressing Dept. Having recently subscribed, we were delighted with the quality of the teaching videos. How great to have up to the minute footage along with easy to listen to commentary for our students. We have all used the Barbicide video which is great!! Finally to have something bright and visual to use when delivering such a flat subject as “health and safety”! Our barbering tutor was delighted with the men’s cutting videos, they have been used in all 4 of our barbering groups, and student feedback is very enthusiastic!! Thank you"

Anne Pattison

(Hair/Beauty Course Leader, Gateshead College, UK)

"A playground for hair stylists. Just love it. Rock on!!!"

Mickey Svircevic

(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

"LOVE the website! Definitely subscribing when my free trial is done! I just wish I had found you sooner! I've been looking for a site like this for a long time!"

Scott Strong

(Fort Lauderdale FL, USA)

"Thank you so much for - I have been using this site since I started my schooling in 2010 and will continue to use it for many years to come I am sure. Thank you, thank you THANK YOU!"

Kendell Naetzker

(Denver, Colorado, USA)

"I would just like to say this is an excellent site - so enjoyable to look at and full of knowledge. I am a tutor in Ireland and I feel this is keeping me up to date with all the new and old in the hairdressing and barbering trends and is helping me to work as a better tutor. I feel that I am gaining my CPD as a tutor. This is very important and as a tutor and a mother I find it very hard to attend courses but I can study with at home. Thanks to all your talented tutors."

Susan Farrell

(Academy Barbers School, Ireland)

"I am a student still. I do however, graduate in September. Watching the videos and clips have given me so much more confidence as a stylist. I am so in love with Stacey Broughton's work. I think he is amazing. I hope that our paths will cross one day."

Darby West

(Brooklyn, New York, USA)

"What an AWESOME site, great quality and info. Keep it coming!"

Peter Harley

(Chichester College of Further Education, UK)

"Just signed up to the website last week, for anyone thinking of signing up go for it. I have just qualified in college and have been worried about going it alone, the videos have given me the extra confidence I have needed, the videos are fab to watch and easy to follow and I have learned lots all ready, looking forward to learning lots more."

Carl Smitham

(Swansea, Wales, UK)

"I just signed up no hesitation. When you guys first launched I wasn't quite sure about whether it was worth it. I was truly arrogant. Now I know how amazing this is. Thank you for sharing and inspiring. I've never been so motivated and inspired as I am these days. Cheers."

Johnvir Dela Cruz

(California, USA)

" is simply the best online hairstyling education available. Instructive and inspirational, and incredible value, truly making high quality education affordable for EVERYONE, no matter where you live. In a challenging economy, one of the best things we can do for our business is offer our clients more value in service, and we do this by becoming better hairdressers. has helped me to take my skill set to a whole new level. Thank you!"


(California, USA)

"I am loving as I am now working from a home based salon and thanks to your website I am able to keep my skills fresh. I wish all the team at all the very best for the New Year."


(Melbourne, Australia)

"I've been to plenty of hairdressing training courses. They're great but I never get the inspiration AND training together ...until now. Great work! Can't wait for your next challenging hairstyle."



"I am 32 yrs old and have taken the plunge to follow hairdressing which I started at 17 years old. My aim is to become a tutor and I am at college studying hairdressing, I would just like to say how good this site is and how well and clearly cuts are explained and shown. It is helping me a lot with my college course so I really wanted to thank you. All the best."


(Bristol, UK)

"Thank you for the great, great training. For a long time, I have been shopping for online continuing education. Finally I found your program. There's no program in the world like yours. Your program is the most excellent, most affordable, and most applicable. Thanks to your training, as a hair stylist, I have more and more clients coming back and more referrals. Once again, thank you all of you ...sincerely."


(California, USA)

"Love this form of education. My staff also love it and when we have a no show or a cancellation I insist that we watch one of your cuts."

Michael and staff

(Ontario, Canada)

"I've been a member of since the beginning and love it. I'm a mobile hairdresser... is a great idea for individuals and salons alike."


(Berks, UK)

"Congrats!!! Excellent online education package. Commercial cuts made simple, you can't go wrong."



"Thank you for having a wonderful website that really helps people go to their full potential."


(Washington, USA)

"I want to say thank you for all of you. Finding this site was the best find in my life. I just graduated as a hair dresser, and I want to learn more and more. Thank you, because I just opened my little and simple hair salon, and this site is my hope to become a successful hair dresser."


(Florida, USA)

"Can't believe my luck. I stumbled across your site on Google and I'm hooked. For years I've been buying training DVDs, usually Vidal Sasoon or Sassoon wannabes, that are dated in no time. Now I get the low down from 10k miles away from the best! Nice one fellas!"


(Sydney, Australia)

"I just wanted to say Thank You for this awesome website. You guys rock!!"


(Atlanta, USA)

"I must tell you that subscribing to MyHairDressers has been the most inspiration that I have enjoyed and taken into work for many a long time. Well done!!!!"


(Scotland, UK)

"I would just like to say that this is the best investment I have made since my formal hairdressing training. I wish someone had recommended this site to me ages ago. The intros that Stacey gives before each haircut, explaining not just how but why, is priceless. Please continue to do that. Also could you add more men's haircuts too. Thanks again for creating an invaluable tool for other stylists. This is the most generous and innovative idea. And also extremely affordable."



"Totally and utterly love Stacey's lessons. Please keep them coming. Thanks to his detailed approach of expanding on what he is about to do and then doing it"/p>


(California, USA)

"Wow - Stacey I am so honored... I absolutely LOVE Keep up the fantastic work. I am so fortunate to learn from you and other masters of this wonderful profession."


(Arizona, USA)

"I love, wish we had it 30 years ago."


(Hants, UK)

"This site is awesome, it's great for both my younger and older staff to get new and exciting ideas."


(Bridgend, UK)

"I am a recent subscriber - I love the haircuts that are featured in your tutorials. The fact that you have categorized the level of cutting designs, it's very well organized. Amazing.Thank you so much for this awesome opportunity to receive the best education. This is the hairdressers lifeline."


(Nevada, USA)

"I would like to thank you for the wonderful online training. As a freelance hairdresser it has been a valuable tool to enable me to keep up to the minute with the hair scene! I will be subscribing for another year."


(London, UK)

"Thank you very much for your help and support over the last few days regarding my problems recovering some of last years downloads. Customer service help yesterday when re registering my account and the follow up courtesy call today to ensure I'd managed to get in to the site, was very thoughtful and greatly appreciated, backed up by e mail as well. Thank you to all concerned."


(Oxfordshire, UK)

"I absolutely LOVE!!! I feel so inspired it's amazing."


(London, UK)

"Hi, I was one of your early subscribers from Salon International 2007. You've delivered so much more hair education than you originally said - a rare thing these days to get more than promised! Well done"


(Florida, USA)

"Salute, thank you for your immediate response. We have enjoyed this first years edition and look forward to this ongoing partnership which we feel keeps us in touch with forward thinking, progressive hairstylists at a very acceptable price. Looking forward to the next edition."


(Essex, UK)

"Please cancel my monthly subscription fee so I may sign up for a year of your fabulous web site. Thank you very much for your quick response I look forward to seeing what you have come up with in 2009!"


(Oregon, USA)

"Hi! I love the website and am inspired and my skills are challenged with all of your fabulous cuts and colors."



"This is so what I've been looking for. My clients are demanding and love new and beautiful hairstyles. Especially love the advanced hairdressing techniques Stacey Broughton does."


(London, UK)

"Bringing London style to my salon in New York has done so much for my staff and my clients. Thanks and looking forward to seeing your latest haircutting techniques."



"I am an educator at a high end salon in Eugene, OR USA - I would love to give my staff a new fun learning tool. Very excited to have found a site like this!"


(Oregon, USA)

"I really don't think how I could be more precise than this in my expression with regard to my true appreciation for what is doing for me. Hopefully my career and all the satisfied people of this great planet are benefiting from such great works of hair-arts."


(California, USA)

"I just found this site, it is fantastic, well done. I am a course coordinator in an Australian college in Melbourne."


(Melbourne, Australia)

"Your online education is a true inspiration."



"I just love! It's been wonderful and incredibly eye opening. Thanks again, I adore the site!!!"


(California, USA)

"Brill can't wait for more. Training up North without expensive travel. Keep it up. FHBF member."



"I love the site, it's great and I'm sure as I pass the word more of my hairdresser friends will join."


(New Hampshire, USA)

"What an amazing idea."



"Thank you again for your quick response. This site has been truly rejuvenating for me. I have started using some of your techniques and feel like I needed a spark in my step with my creativity. The best thing is I don't have to leave home and I can take it into the salon. I've found even with education classes you really don't get the one on one with a class of twenty people or so I just love this site. I feel I can keep going back to the cuts and really learn your techniques. I'm a big fan of Rusk cutting and your techniques are similar. I just love it and thank you for your prompt answers."



"Thank you to the team for sorting out my password. I am replying as requested to say it was successful. I appreciate that it was dealt with so quickly. Thank you once again."



"This is a fabulous experience... I enjoy every second!!! Thank you!"


(Tennessee, USA)

"Thank you very much for your perseverance. It makes a change to actually receive some customer service that is helpful rather than being fobbed off and told that it is a “user” error, or not their problem. I was very impressed with the level of service and the speed of response. Please accept my sincere thanks for your help. As I am not particularly familiar with the workings “behind the PC”, it is good to know that there is someone to ask and we are not left floundering with no idea what to do next. Once again, many thanks for your help."


(Middlesex, UK)

"Great site and excellent training videos."


(Arizona, USA)

"So here we go a new era has begun. And might I add a wonderful experience to look at your newest of flamboyant extravaganzas. Wonderful output keep it up. We await with baited breathe for your next issue. Ciao a tutti."



"I have recently joined and think this idea is superb...I have been in hairdressing for forty years and have my own salons... However, you can still teach this old dog new tricks... It motivates me and in turn my staff."


(Leicester, UK)

"I just would like to offer special thanks to My skills in hairdressing are more refined since I have been with MyHairDressers. Your contributors offer a unique and exemplary hands on training that is precise and comprehensive."

Darin Wade

(via email)

"Again... I am up at obscene hours of the night. Curse you, I swear it was 11pm 20 minutes ago, and then all your amazing videos and interviews distracted me."

Alex Youmans

(via social media)

"Gotta be the most innovative hairdressing tutorial site one could ever come across. Stacey Broughton is a fantastic cutter..just brilliant and the colouring team are amazing."

Vicki Green

(via social media)

"So happy, that I have access to all your videos now - I love your site... thank you! Greetings from Germany"

Ka Trin

(via social media)

"I trained as a hairdresser 25 years ago, then gave up the profession after only 3 years. Signing up to has enabled me to return to my profession and learn so much more. So I would like to thank you all. I don't think I could have gained the confidence without MyHairDressers. Much appreciated."

Troy Grant

(via social media)

"Thank you for making online training affordable for everyone!"

Deborah Greatsinger Pritchett

(via social media)

"As an educator I am always sourcing inspiration. MHD is a go to resource for me."

Naman Naoum

(via social media)

"As an educator I am always sourcing inspiration. MHD is a go to resource for me."

Naman Naoum

(via social media)

"Thank you for making online training affordable for everyone!"

Deborah Greatsinger Pritchett

(via social media)

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